Hotties of the Week: Nickelodeon Stars, Past & Present

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Come 2013, it’s gonna be a sad, sad time. iCarlyVictorious and How to Rock are all wrapping up this year! {INSERT SOBS HERE} So for one last hurrah, we’re giving them the same treatment we gave the Disney Channel stars by dubbing some of the casts’ members — as well as other former/current Nickelodeon actors — our Hotties of the Week!

Nathan Kress (iCarly)
He’s adorable, he’s funny and he’s tech-savvy. The full package.


Big Time Rush (Big Time Rush)
It’s almost unfair to every other Nick show that BTR is pure hotness… times 4!


Drake Bell (Drake & Josh)
Although he’s only been in the news recently for starting fights with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry — what was he thinking?! — we still have a little crush on the “I Found a Way” singer.


Max Schneider (How to Rock)
Why, why was How to Rock canceled?!
We wanted to see some more of Max’s musical talents!


The Cast of Victorious
Victoria Justice
, Avan Jogia, Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas III
such a good-looking group, we couldn’t pick just one!


Ryan Potter (Supah Ninjas)
Go ahead and try looking at this face and not saying “Aww.
It’s impossible!


Eugene Simon (House of Anubis)
And he’s even cuter in real life!


Robbie Amell (True Jackson, VP)
Fun Fact: Robbie plays big bro to Brant Daugherty‘s character,
Noel Kahn, on Pretty Little Liars. (Well, once so far.) Hottest family ever!


Taylor Gray & Dillon Lane (Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures)
Who’s cuter — Bucket or Skinner? Just. Can’t. Decide.


Matthew Underwood (Zoey 101)
This guy’s been pretty much off the grid since Jamie Lynn Spears‘ pregnancy Zoey‘s cancellation, but we still remember the too-cool guy who was always pumping iron.


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  • Sierra

    Ryan Potter wins HANDS DOWN! Totally! HE IS SO HOT!

  • Rahie

    Definitely Eugene, hands-down.

  • Dania

    I think Eugene Simon wins them all!! Cute and adorable he is indeed!! A charmer on screen and off!! Xxx

  • BTR lover

    Logan is the hottest one ❤

  • Amelia

    No one voted for Ryan Potter or Eugene Simon D: I love them both!!! But how did Taylor Gray and Dillon Lane make this list…HOW IS BTR “HOT” BLEH!

  • Anne

    How in the world did Taylor Gray and Dillon Lane make this list…smh…

  • Richy

    Cast of Victorious, HAVE YOU SEEN ARIANA GRANDE! she is so hot

  • maria

    Why isn’t there an option that says “None of the above”?

  • Lizzy

    Drake Bell is the hottest, by far. <3

  • Katy

    Matthew Underwood is off the grid because he was arrested for pot possession.

    • Camilo

      Well Im glad you did post and tell us all the fun you had, and now my night looks really lame cerapmod to yours! Of course, any night would look better than mine, we bummed around and watched hockey ; )LOVE chinese food, and when its a great place its better!Happy Saturday! xoxo <3

  • Georgi

    Matthew Underwood got arrested for a DUI.
    That or some other common has-been crime.