Celeb Battle: Boy Band Birthday Edition!

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This week the biggest coincidence ever in the history of life occurred — four members of four different boy bands celebrated or will celebrate their birthdays. Fine, technically this happens every year, but OMG, still not over it. The Wanted’s Max George turned 24 on September 6, One Direction’s Niall Horan turns 19 TODAY (Happy bday, Nialler!), Big Time Rush’s Logan Henderson turns 23 on September 14 and the Jonas Brothers’ Nick Jonasturns 20 on September 16. Got all that? AKA mark your calenders because September is officially the bestest month ever.

Instead of writing each of the boy banders a poem (been there, done that for Nick J, by the way), we thought it’d be way more fun to pit them against each other by having you tell us which birthday party you’d most want to go to for our celeb battle. So The Wanted Family, Directioners, Rushers and Jonatics, get your voting fingers ready and vote for your guy below — then maybe the winner will see this and actually invite you to his party! Dream big.

But for reals though, check out hot pics of each of the four boy bands below (in case you need to put the guys in context, which is unlikely because hello this is Teen.com), then get crackin’ on the poll and get chatting in the comments. And don’t forget to leave your bday wishes for the guys down there, too!









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  • Anna Rose

    Niall’s, DEFINETELY!!! <3 Happy belated and early birthday, Niall! I will love you for all eternity, and THEN SOME!!!! <3

  • T

    Only the sexiest leprechaun alive :) love you nialler :) happy birthday<3

  • Lilly

    I think Logan & Naill 😀

  • Sawyer Stagg

    Nick Jonas!!!! <3

    • Citra

      Hi NickiRemember me I met you at the Cambridge Tech Level 3 training and I prsomied to contact you. Thank you again for your excellent resources you have produced you are a inspiration!Just wanted to know if you have made any resources for Cambridge Tech IT Unit 1, if so are you going to upload on to your site.Desperately seeking Zena!

  • Joy

    Nick S2

  • anomynous

    Nick hands down!! As much as I love Niall and Logan, I have known Nick the longest.

  • hayat

    Of course Nick’s birthday party I love him very much, but I can not Attend birthday party because I do not live in America, but I will be watching the Party on YouTube, of course, so I hope to win Nick Jonas because he is very cool and cute:)

  • 1DLuver

    NIALLER FTW!!! 😀

  • BrendokBTRWorldwide

    xD OMRush cuanta coincidencia ! Logie hermoso eres el hombre mas gracioso humilde y talentoso de todos , obvio q tu mereces ganar esto ! BTR #RusherToDie !

  • Katy

    Of course Niall’s birthday party! Directioners rock!

  • Daphne

    So Logan all the way BTR rush will always win in a battle of boy bands.

  • logan

    Logan of course! he is perfect! happy b-day logan and greece wants to meet you! 😀

    • Carla

      Winners announced: A Leitrim man has won the ingruaual online poetry competition. Michael Herron, of Dromod, took the prize for his poem ‘Piera’ in the general category, receiving the 300 award from the judges Niall MacMonagle and Mary Branley.Louise Hegarty, a 19-year-old from Glanmire, won the Emerging Talent category for poetry with her poem ‘Theia Mania’. There were also ten Highly Commended poets including Siobhan Harte, Nuala Ni Chonchuir, Jessica Traynor, Patricia Byrne, David Mohan, Jean Tuomey, Brian Carey, Denise Garvey, James Harpur, and Maureen Gallagher.

  • Proud Rushers

    Our Logie bear, ofcourse!!


    HAPPY B-DAY LOGAN!! I wish you the best birthday in the history of birthdays! WOOHOO! RUSHER FOREVER!!

  • jenn

    Logan!!!! All the way! (His just to awesome!)

  • Priya

    Nick Jonas is winning!!! YAY! Happy Birthday Nick! love you! :)

  • Grape Jelly

    Obiously.. NAILLER 😀 As he would say, PARTY TIME 😀 omg i just love this irish snowflake <3

    • Mily

      I could not agree more with you! Lets go NIall!

      • Byee

        I actually tried to enter this but kept gttnieg the error message “Submission must be in .doc format”It was a word doc, ending in .doc, so I don’t know what the problem was. Oh well, I’ll go and spend my fiver elsewhere

    • Jasmine

      You and me both hun :))) Agreed lets go our little Leprechaun who could out drink and out eat any of us hahaha!!

      • Catie

        Niall all the way, babes! Go 1D!!!!!!


    Logan! i am celebrating his bday by taking sweets for class tomorrow

  • darcy

    I celebrated nailers bday!!!! i drew the irish flag on my wrist wrote his name EVERYWHERE on me. and wore red polo and tan pants! celebrating Nialls birthday (like a boss)

    • adventuretime128


    • Katy

      Real Directioner! Go One Direction!

      • Anna Rose

        So true! How can people hate Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry?! they say crap about them, and they didn’t DO anything to the haters. It’s just wrong.