Kristen Stewart Talks Rupert Sanders in ‘SWATH’ DVD Special Features

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Just as the news of Kristen Stewart’s affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, began to die down, the SWATH DVD hits store shelves and brings all of the ugly memories back to the forefront.

In the ‘Special Features’ section of the film, Kristen talks about her then relationship with Rupert on the UK set. She says, “I never want to leave. I’m constantly following him around. I’m sure he hates me. I’m sure he’ll come in and tell you that I’m great, but I’m sure I annoy him very much. But it’s been awesome.” She continues to say, “It’s been great working with Rupert. I just knew we were on the same page.”

The director’s commentary mimicked her enthusiasm: “Her accent was flawless, she did such an amazing job on it.” And later: “Kristen was amazing. I’d sit down with Kristen at lunch and say, “What do you think?'”

Whether their relationship was muddled with personal feelings or there was something even more physical going on at the time of the interview is uncertain. (It was a “momentary indiscretion” after all.) But now, with all of the recent circumstances — the canceled Twilight convention appearances, Robert Pattinson leaving his shared home with Kristen, the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn — Part 2, etc. — we’re left to wonder whether, despite their obvious aforementioned affections for each other, this will affect the alleged sequel to the movie or not. Until news of a second film breaks, all we can do is replay the behind-the-scenes footage of the DVD, and try to pinpoint where they crossed the line…

Kristen Stewart Says She & RPattz “Will Be Fine”

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  • meme

    I think Kristen admire him and she is very flirty with him ( dont got me wrong but Kristen is a young woman who has very STRONG SEXUAL attraction for EVERY man).

    I remember how she and Rob very Flirty each others during twilight shooting, even she still has Anggarano. and I remember also how she admired Rob, got so fascinated by Rob’s music skill.

    it is the same situation with her and Rupert right now. I’ll believe Kristen didnt serious with Rupert but they CANT deny their flirted become a heavy sexual chemstry which is have to release by hooking up and making out (even in public area).

    Kristen is young and has a wild personality, she doenst afraid anything, she is a dominant (remember she an aries), Rupert describe her as a “naughty wild” girl who not so Bella.

    she is a good girl but is still not mature yet, she is trying hard to be accepted in “adult” situation, trying hard to be “look” mature but she just 22 years old. a stupid 22 yrs old who raised by hippies parents. I dont know what the values that her mom gave to her, but in very such young age, her parent seem give her many pass card. She smoking pot dan already having sex since 14 or 15.

    she simple just has spirited and very ambitious person and she ready to conquer without give any fuck to others.

    but this scandal will made her more calm and more mature. I believe she still love Rob and try to reach him (but seem he very much undecide for everything). if they back together, they will not make it last, they will break up again and just realize they NEVER made for each others and will happy move with others person.

    I hope they happy with their love, together or apart..
    they’re just young…

    and Hollywood (and world) are very forgiving for cheater or home wrecker soooo
    dont worry about Kristen’s career or life. She will DOIN OKAY !!!

  • Ashley

    I think the whole thing was set up! I mean in the pictures of them cheating they stare t the cameras the whole time. Publicity stunt. But I love Kristen still.

  • stacie

    Having watched the interview, I don’t think anyone can get any clue from it. Kristen was very open that she enjoyed working on the film, but she has also said similar things about other films she was has worked on. An example is for On The Road. She’s spoken of her admiration of how Walter Salles, the director worked, and how she didn’t want to leave that set as well. So it isn’t something new or unusual for her to have said.

    • Anon

      OR, maybe she and Walter Salles also had something going on.

      • Niks

        oh puhlese…she isn’t thaat bad…

  • Queenie

    LOL I wonder what some hardcore Kristen fans who are hell bent on proving that Kristen was “forced” into affair think about this one. Its obvious that she admired Rupert A LOT and then that admiration turned into something more.I agree that Rupert is the main bad guy in this scenario but nobody can deny that Kristen had feelings for him.