‘Glee’ Recap: Which Storyline Was the Most Unrealistic?

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After an all-too-long hiatus, Glee‘s back and changing up its formula. You’ve already heard that all of the past series regulars are supposed to return this season, but no one knew as to what capacity. And some of those blanks were filled in last night. So we’re gonna change our formula a tad bit as well, and get down to the nitty-gritty elements below, then we want you tell us which event from “The New Rachel” was the most unrealistic in the comments! Here were the biggest storylines of the premiere episode:

1. New Directions is popular. After clinching Nationals last season, the glee club is on top of the social chain at McKinley. Tina has an assistant, they all have been invited to sit alongside the popular kids (footballers and cheerleaders) at lunchtime, have lines of people waiting to sign up for ’em, and actually turn down auditioning students. A far cry from all years prior.


2. Puck has a younger brother who goes to McKinley, but he doesn’t know about him. Alright, so Jake’s technically his half brother. But how is it that Jake knows about Puck, but not the other way around? Lima’s not that big. Oh, and the kid happens to have a killer voice and anger issues. It’s Puck 2.0!


3. Blaine is dubbed ‘the new Rachel’ by Artie. Since Miss Berry graduated, returning Gleeks, Blaine, Tina and Brittany, as well as new transfer Wade Adam AKA Unique, all want to take the spotlight she left behind, and claim the lead soloist title. Since Mr. Schu didn’t want to choose, they left it up to Artie. Blaine’s not a bad choice of the four, but Brittany apparently came in a close second. That puzzles us.


4. Newcomer Marley’s mom is the lunch lady. Artie may’ve picked Blaine, but Mr. Schu seems to have set his eyes on this fresh-faced girl to replace Rach. Unfortunately, everyone has a past. And Marley’s includes being forced to wear non-designer-labeled clothing and having no friends at her old school. We’re not exactly sure why she left that part of her education behind, but we’re left to believe that it has to do with her overweight mom who works in the McKinley cafeteria. We only mention the ‘overweight’ part because the popular kids were making fun of her at lunchtime in front of Marley’s face.


5. Rachel’s new dance teacher (Kate Hudson) picks on her and her roommate is always, uhh… bringing back “friends” to their dorm room, so she’s left feeling lonely all the time. Fortch, Rachel’s bestie, Kurt, flies to New York to live out his own dream minus a place to live, a steady job and a sufficient amount of money. (Though, that seems to be the story for most future stars.) Kurt suggests that she move out of her NYADA residence hall, and find a new roomie. Perhaps a boy with a great fashion sense from Lima, Ohio?


Other details you should know before moving on: hottie Brody Weston (Dean Geyer) totally has eyes for Rachel, even though he knows about Finn, Sue has a baby, Mike and Tina broke up, and there’s a new Quinn Fabray named Kitty. Now it’s your turn — tell us your thoughts!

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‘Glee’ Recap: Which Storyline Was the Most Unrealistic?
  • mary kate nicholson

    I thinked rachel is big cry baby need’s to grow up.
    I thinked finn need’s to break up with her because finn you need to now about rachel been kissed brody hand your back so you guner be breaking your heart so i am so really really sorry about very thing i am upset i be okey because i got the cd’s and dvd’s of you and puck. Love Mary Kate Nicholson XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Jessica

    That screencap of Rachel crying is hilarious.

    • Tara Lieschke

      Hahaha I know right

  • Rockwell

    I thought Rachel’s was the MOST realistic. I mean her’s, Marley’s and Mini Puck’s was the most realistic of the whole episode. Because Puck was never close with his dad so he had no reason to dig into his father’s background, you can have a pretty daughter who you want to protect from being picked on because your overweight (Markey’s Mom’s story basically), and College is like that. There is the teacher or person who hates you without even knowing you especially if you give the air that you know what to do because teacher’s hate the kids who come into class prepared.

  • Bree

    Rachel & Marley’s stories aren’t that unrealistic. I’ve had the roommate Rachel got originally my first year of college, not to mention there is always going to be that one teacher who pretends to hate on you to push you harder.