Caption This Funny Photo of Ezra Miller & Mae Whitman with Logan Lerman Cutout!

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When we learned that Logan Lerman was M.I.A. at the Los Angeles movie premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, we have to admit that we were disappointed. But after seeing the red-carpet pictures of the cast, including this hilar snapshot of Ezra Miller and Mae Whitman, posing with a CARDBOARD CUTOUT of the Perks star, we could not stop smiling. It was genius!


For real, still LOL-ing over here. So now, it’s up to you Lermaniacs/general Wallflower fans to determine what was going on here. How would you caption this? Leave your subtitles in the comments and win (absolutely nothing. It’s just for fun)! P.S. Make sure to check out The Perks of Being a Wallflower — it hits theaters this week!

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  • Enlik

    I do not know much of english. I am sorry for erorrs.To emma watson: Are there any similarities between hermione of harry potter and sam or samantha of Perks of Being a wallflower ? what differences there are between both characters?For Logan Lerman: Do you identify with your character in any way?To Stephen Chbosky: it is highly unlikely that the same author of book directs the film adaptation of his work. How it feels the amazing opportunity to create a faithful adaptation of his own book?For emma watson: Do you identify with your character , sam or samantha, into something? How was your character evolution in the movie? What have you learned from the cast?For Stephen Chbosky: that you inspired for write the Perks of Being a wallflower?Traduccion al espaf1ol:Para Emma Watson: bfHay similitudes entre Hermione de Harry Potter y sam o Samantha de ventajas de ser un alheled ? bfQue9 diferencias hay entre ambos personajes?Para Logan Lerman: bfTe identificas con tu personaje de alguna manera?Para Stephen Chbosky: es muy poco probable que el mismo autor del libro dirige la adaptacif3n cinematogre1fica de su obra. bfCf3mo se siente la increedble oportunidad para crear una fiel adaptacif3n de su propio libro?Para Emma Watson: bfTe identificas con tu personaje, sam o Samantha, en algo? bfCf3mo fue la evolucif3n de su personaje en la peledcula? bfQue9 ha aprendido del elenco?Para Stephen Chbosky: que te inspirf3 para escribir las ventajas de ser un alheled?

  • Nina

    Wow! I don’t think anyone could beat Jasmin’s caption. It’s perfect!

    I would have captioned it this way.

    Ezra: “Now, now Lermaniacs, calm down. There’s enough Logan to go around for all of you.”
    Mae: “Back Off, Lermaniacs! He’s my wallflower!”

  • Jasmin

    Ezra: Logan Lerman, SOLD to the lady in red!!
    Mae: NOOOOOOO!!!! I`ll never let you go!!

  • nena

    Rob took Kristen back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Can’t stop smiling! AAAAAAAAAAAAhHHHHHHHHHH They re going to appear on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premie together aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • robsten4ever

      haha me too 😀