The 10 Most Amusing Store & Street Signs of All Time

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Do you ever pass random signs and do a double take? Like when watermelons are where tangerines should be at the grocery store? Or if a letter falls of a billboard and makes a mistakenly funny saying? We’ve all seen it before, but we seriously can’t help but LOL (or make some sarcastic comments) about these hilar signs:

What. A. Discount.

Hot ice? We believe that’s called water.

If someone could please explain the difference to us, that’d be great.

Maybe a lack of tips is why there’s a Finding Nemo sequel in the works?

This better be some kind of mix up.

Whoa, you mean to say that they’re actually giving tix away — for free?!

But how many hours are they guaranteeing, is the real question.

Hmm, something tells us they’re lying…

Aww, clearly what this store needs is a boost of self-esteem.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: their children playing with furry (AKA messy) animals… and caffeinated!

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9 Responses to "The 10 Most Amusing Store & Street Signs of All Time"

    directioner says:

    lol these r sooo hilar!!!! ;)

    Jane says:

    lol best signs ever! u cant help but laugh and make fun of these stores and their signs! =p

    Hannah says:

    They are SO STUPID!!! Wow can’t believe they have a sign like that! :D LOLZ

    Hannah says:

    About the pretzel one, usually the pretzels on display like that are actually fake, so they don’t go bad while on display. So they actually were out of pretzels.

    erin vargo says:

    are these for real, for real?? awesome!

    Sabrina says:

    LOl some people r stupid

    kayla says:

    Lol this was geat! So funny

    Arianna says:

    This was funny

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