Find Out Which of Miley Cyrus’ Hairstyles Won the Survival Game!

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Unlike our other survival games, which forces readers to choose the best out of 16+ stars, this celebrity hair battle was about the one and only,¬†Miley Cyrus. And after a week of voting, the results of ‘Which ‘Do Does Miley Do Best?’ are finally here. It came down to the two above, redhead (at the 2010 Grammys) vs. ombre bob (at the premiere of The Hunger Games), but only one could be the victor.

And the winner is…

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4 Responses to "Find Out Which of Miley Cyrus’ Hairstyles Won the Survival Game!"

    Kennedy says:

    Ombre bob won for me!

    Muhamad says:

    Are there might be some other celebrations, ceranitly not of the identical subjects, but generally other people running into it, or perhaps you create content? I believed Chcetnie many your entries, simply because you and me currently have been go through; ) Allow me to understand!

    orvgirl says:

    i just love miley cyrus ombre bob style.

    Nathalie says:

    YAY!! Ombre bob won! I was with it since the beginning :D

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