WTFashion? Lady Gaga Loses Her Mind During London Fashion Week

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Someone alert the loony bin ’cause Lady Gaga‘s gone completely cuckoo! After shaving her hair off — albeit, for a good cause — and tattooing the back of her head, Mother Monster was spotted patrolling the streets of England during London Fashion Week donning a week’s worth of the worst fashion ever… if you can even refer to it as ‘fashion.’ We understand that Gaga’s an innovator and has a “take no prisoners” attitude when it comes to style, but once you see the frocks she’s been rocking, we think you’ll understand…

The shirt, the skirt, the bag — even as separate pieces,
we don’t think any of it could stand on its own.


Considering she’s known for a meat dress, dead animals — whether real or faux — shouldn’t be too much of a shock. But this is still ‘WTF?’ status.


We imagine this costume would go over really well…
…in District 1 of The Hunger Games.


Guess it’s Christmas come early in the crazy eyes of the Gagster.
How do you even breathe in this?!


We’ll never look at Minnie Mouse the same again…


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  • deise

    love minha louca lady! eu sou brasileira! mas adorei!

  • aj

    i cant stand the attention freak shes rubbish !!