The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Episode: Our Predictions

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Last year’s Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars was pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves. So we’re totally anticipating (slash kinda spooked) for the October 23 ep, “This Is a Dark Ride.” And since Tuesdays are basc dedicated to PLL, we chose today to be the day we reveal the scary twists and turns we’re expecting from the All Hallow’s Eve show in Season 3:

Prediction #1: Toby is Babyface
‘A’ is dressed in a super-creepy Babyface mask. Because the person in the costume is taller than Spencer, we’re guessing it’s Toby. It can’t be Mona — she’s far too tiny. Why he’s covering her mouth, we haven’t figured out yet… (Maybe he’s finally cracked?)

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Prediction #2: Hanna and Caleb Will Go Public
Hanna and Caleb are too perfect together to stay apart for long. We know she and Wren were flirting up a storm, but we predict Caleb and Hanna will band together to fight ‘A’ once and for all.

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Prediction #3: Mona Escapes from the Rosewood Sanitarium
Hey, she’s done it before. And we’re sure she’s gonna pop up somewhere in this episode. (P. S. That place needs to get better security.)

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Prediction #4: Adam Lambert Appears at the Rosewood Halloween Party
Okay, this isn’t that insightful of a prediction, since it was actually announced. But we’re happy to know that his songs, “Trespassing” and “Cuckoo,” are making appearances on the show.


Prediction #5: Noel is Part of the ‘A’ Team
It looks like Toby saves Noel from choking on a candy corn… But why would Toby save an enemy? The only explanation is that Noel is part of it all too. Right?

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Prediction #6: Hanna Wins Best Dressed
A costume contest might not happen necessarily, but if it did, Hanna would definitely win for hottest ensemb as Marilyn Monroe. There’s no way Caleb could resist her in that getup!

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Prediction #7: Paige Can Be Trusted Again
After getting kidnapped and nearly killed by Nate, the girls will probably assume they can trust Paige now. We still get a bad feeling about the girl, though.

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Prediction #8: The Gang is Bound to Face Some Scary Surprises
NMW happens, none of the girls are safe. Why don’t they ever stay in during these parties? Going out in Rosewood brings nothing but trouble! Guess they didn’t learn anything from Alison’s fright night experience…

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    Where can I watch Season 3 Episode 13 online for free?

  • Paulo

    oh ashley, i know what you mean and hope the buesis quieted down a bit for you this last week. girl, ugh, a root canal…geesh! i’d be such a pissed off posey if i heard such news, glad it’s over for you now and def look forward to your amazing h-moon vacay. easy reads are so my thing but haven’t heard of this one, sounds intriguing! happy weekend to you doll.

  • evelyn

    what if adam lambert was A that would be awesome

  • evelyn

    what if adam lambert turns to be A

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    wtf.. these arent really predictions these or most of these are actually true like hth is adam lambert coming on pll a prediction?!?!?!?!?!?!? Everybody already knows he is…