Happy 33rd Birthday, Hermione Granger! The Best Bday Cards on Tumblr

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Emma Watson may be a spry 22-year-old, but Harry Potter‘s Hermione Granger’s getting up there in the years. The brightest witch of her age would be 33 today! (Ya know, if she were real…) So we’re taking the creative opportunity — like we did for Twilight‘s Bella & Edward’s anniversary — to show the fictional character a proper celebration. In order to do that, we enlisted the help of Tumblr and, of course, Potterheads! Check out the best artwork that’s been tumbled so far, and make sure to leave your own bday messages for Hermione and/or links to your own cards, pics and memes in the comments!

Tumblr (warsonthefloor)

Tumblr (teresagr)

Tumblr (thesheerectioner)

Tumblr (sooutropoeta)

Tumblr (skcabase)

Tumblr (ppensamentos-reais)

Tumblr (percyeah)

Tumblr (hpstuffs)

Tumblr (harmony-everlark)

Tumblr (heybhaggu)

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