Hotties of the Week: The Best-Looking Celebs with the Same First & Last Initials!

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Some celebs are famously known by one name — Usher, Zendaya, Beyonce, you catch our drift — but others’ full names (and initials) are household staples. When you hear JB, you immediately think of Justin Bieber. Or when someone says JT, you know they’re talking about Justin Timberlake. So, in honor of Logan Lerman‘s new movie, Perks of Being A Wallflower, we decided to bring you Hotties of the Week that have double initials. Far-fetched? Yeah. But hey, who doesn’t want an excuse to post pictures of Chace Crawford and Joe Jonas, ya know?

Logan Lerman
Between Perks coming out tomorrow and his adorbs baby face,
it’s pretty obvious why Logan had to be included on this list.


Joe Jonas
Joe’s funny, talented and willing to give back. What else could you ask for?


Ryan Reynolds
Okay, ignore the fact that Ryan is married now,
’cause RR is seriously smokin’.


Chris Colfer
We can’t get enough of Chris’ baby face!


Hunter Hayes
Piercing blue eyes? Check. Guitar player? Check. Total hottie? Check.


Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian
Let’s face it, these sisters are the Kweens of the K!


Sebastian Stan
We know we said Seb isn’t as hot as Dianna Agron‘s old BF, Alex Pettyfer, but we think we’ll have to retract that statement because double S has been lookin’ pretty fine these days.


Peter Parker
Technically, this is a character, but the guy that plays him
— Andrew Garfield, duh! — is too hot to not to mention.


Ashley Argota
Ash is simply A-mazing as one of the Nickelodeon stars
who we all know and love.


Chace Crawford
CC on GG… No words are needed to describe the perfection.


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  • Secret Honesty

    UK sold Syria chemical weapons and now we are going to attack them because they have weapons…is this to difficult for you lot to understand?…I’ll explain:
    …UK stands for United Kingdom

  • Victoria

    Andrew Garfield is the REAL name, not Peter Parker, you can put his name in the survey.

    • Iza

      it’s gotta be some kind of show for some bigger brass prniovg the oecfifrs can do it too. That stack looks like shit, the last two are all fucked up, and nobody is ready to move.This is a check in some box so they can pat each other on the back and get back on their radios and FBCB2 s

  • LuvLiveLife

    Hunter Hayes o.O blue eyes , blond hair … hot yeah i choose him

  • Kelsey

    def Logan <3

  • Carla

    Joe is the hottest