Caption This Funny Photo of Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell!

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Before the premiere of the second season of The X Factor — which, what do you think of the new judging panel?! — FOX held a screening and handprint ceremony for Demi LovatoSimon Cowell and the rest of the crew. But while patrolling pics from the event, we couldn’t help but feast our eyes on this bad boy that’s perf for Caption This:


Simon’s all like, “Smell my hand.” Demi’s thinking, “Eww, get out of my face.” And that dude in the back is saying, “Girl, what’s up with your hair?”…At least that’s what we think. But it’s not about us. We want you to decide what’s going on here. Tell us how you’d caption this in the comments!

Caption This Funny Photo of the Perks Cast!

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14 Responses to "Caption This Funny Photo of Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell!"

    alli says:

    Demi: why is this guy petting me?!
    simon: oooh ur cheek is soft

    Gaurang says:

    I don’t quite know what to make of it yet. @Biz added an addendum to it syanig more changes are coming that will make things better, maybe this is just the first of it. Maybe they’re adding threaded @replies or something. I don’t know. I can’t quite get my head around what the fuss is yet but I’m sure the fuss is justified I’m just not quite understanding how I’m affected yet.

    Collins says:

    Jackie May 11, 2010 I would love to watch the video you reference in Teach those old darbhoasds of your a new trick , but I don’t see a link to it. Am I completely blind?

    thatgirllol says:

    I am a lot more curious what is up with HER hands

    Jamie says:

    Demi: *some ridiculous girly whiny nonsense opinion*
    Simon: ok, just stop.

    Tyler says:

    Why does your hand smell like my quiefs?

    Yulitsa Horan says:

    Demi: I did not help Niall steal the chocolate! I swear! – Simon: Of course you didn’t, just like I didn’t drink your Pepsi. – Random Dude: Why do I even work here?


    Demi; hmm will this brown crap stay on me like my tatoos?
    simon ; no see mine came off
    guy in the back (demis bodygaurd); HER HAIR SMELLS LIKE LEMONS.. oh well i alrady took some hair from her brush…was that wrong?

    StayStrong says:

    I did’t do it officer.

  10. says:

    handsoap after washing x

    Penelope says:

    stop singing so no more poop will come out

    Travis big kill barlow says:

    pooo poooo !!!!!!!! :))))) who want me ta make dinner tonight??????

    BUTT MOUTH says:


    Danni says:

    Here baby Demi wipe your mouth

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