WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week

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Another week, another worst dressed list. *sigh* Our fave celebs had plenty of opportunities to turn their style don’ts into dos and make that other list of ours, but clearly they missed the mark. From Kourtney Kardashian to Anne Hathaway to Nicki Minaj, there’s no doubt that these ladies are extremely talented and yet they still leave us saying, “WTFashion?!”

Elle Fanning
Maybe Elle thought it was the first day of school?


Anne Hathaway
This dress is a serious ValentiNO!


Nicki Minaj
Yes, that is a marching band hat she’s holding.


Lady Gaga
Well, at least the dog is cute…


Kourtney Kardashian
C’mon, Kourt. Embrace your post-baby bod!


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WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week
  • ELA


  • j.t

    seriously Nicky Minag

  • sydney

    yea anne looks really good love the new hairstyle !

  • Mary

    I think all of them are good.Ok first girl is loojing nice but that outfit looks like school outfit.Then Gaga and Nicki are not good but thats their style.We can never tell they look good or not because their way of dressing is different,I mean veeeery different

    • Dianne

      They are Maori dancers deifeitnly because they are performing the haka which is also performed before all New Zealand (mens) sporting events ka mate ka mate

  • Kassi

    I hate the rest of the outfit, but i just love Lady Gaga’s belt.

  • ohdarling

    Wow, I think Anne Hathaway looks like a goddess!