10 Clues: Guess the Movie

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Welcome back to another 10 Clues: Guess the Movie challenge! This week’s trivia is all about a sorta romantic/sorta indie-type film. See if you can figure it out in 10 hints or less!

1. For once, the two stars of the film didn’t date IRL. But they’re still very tight.
2. January 8th.
3. One of the cast members in this film was also part of the ensemble cast in this film:

Warner Bros.

Click for clues 4-7!

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  • Emily

    is it yes man? idk

  • Day Nicole

    I knew from the Batman cue and the New Girl clue

  • Ashley

    500 days of Summer:-):-)

  • Maddy

    (500) Days of Summer!! Knew it when it said IKEA!

  • Hans Carmel

    500 days of summer. Omg my favorite movie <3

  • Kaytlyn

    Wow it must be 500 days of summer I love that.

  • Sophia

    I somehow knew it was (500) Days of Summer from reading ‘2009 romantic indie movie’ on the URL, haha. :)

  • Katarina

    500 days of summer 😉

  • Daltrey Nixon

    500 Days of Summer