One Direction Fabulous Magazine Covers = Greatest Thing Ever

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Fabulous Magazine

The guys from One Direction posed for the cover of a magazine we’ve never heard of before, but totally has our respect now, and the results are too good to be true. First, we have the above pic of the guy’s backsides… for no apparent reason other than to inspire Tumblr reblogs and secondly, we have a cover dedicated to each of the members along with a priceless secret nugget of information.

Niall “I’d rather go to sleep than find a girl” Horan – There you have it girls. Niall’s sleepy. Leave him alone.

Harry “I like girls my own age too” Styles – Are these direct quotes? It’s really hard to believe he wanted this on the cover of a magazine.

Zayn “I’ve struggled with fame” Malik – This is shocking. We literally had no idea. This photo gave us absolutely no clue.

Louis “Sorry girls, I’ll never sleep around” Tomlinson – Kind of a strange thing to proclaim on a magazine cover. I can imagine his grandparents framing it in their hallway. Awkward.

Liam “Twitter trolls bullied my girlfriend” Payne – This is NOT funny, but the words “Twitter trolls” and the sad look on Liam’s face kind of is… like an anti-bullying PSA gone wrong.

10 Funny Pics Of The One Direction Dolls!

Niall "I'd rather go to sleep than find a girl" Horan

Harry "I like girls my own age too" Styles

Zayn "I've struggled with fame" Malik

Louis "Sorry girls, I'll never sleep around" Tomlinson

Liam "Twitter trolls bullied my girlfriend" Payne

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  • Cala

    Hi guys! I firstly wntaed to let you know, you guys are AMAZING and such an inspiration :* Aha, so your question would be ; While being in a band what is the most funniest/weirdest thing you have done? Byexoxo

  • Brooklin

    Did Liam and Danielle really break up? It’s all over tumblr and it’s also on Just Jared Jr.

    I think the rumors are true but I’m not sure. Someone help me. Is it true?

  • Caroline

    are these magazine available in Canada ?!

  • niallĀ“s mofo

    i dont see how this is funny at all. get a life.

    • Hitik

      , i stay up all night till early in the moring besuace i live in australia:( its really annoying but ill do anything for you guys! i love you! i know this isnt a good question. but this is my only chance:) x

  • Emily

    Lol I love Niall xD
    And I don’t really get what Louis is saying… o.o
    But those trolls who bully Danielle Peazer are just people who sit at home all day trying to find ways to entertain themselves because they feel bad about their life so they try to ruin someone else’s.

    • Anna

      Louis was saying he is not going to go sleep around with girls……

  • evelyn

    that is messed what person messes with liam’s girlfriend i love liam but i wouldn’t do that

  • monica

    you fags stop hating on liams gf theys just jealoius mmm yep thats it out momo