Quiz: Which Book Heroine Are You Most Like?

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We love a strong female lead, especially when they are in our favorite book series. From Twilight to Tiger’s Curse, we wish that we could be these characters that get to go on adventures and live to tell the tale. Also, we wouldn’t mind if a couple of guys were fighting for our affections at the same time. Take the quiz to see which book heroine you most identify with!


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  • lakayla

    you spelled her name wrong it’s hermione

  • noneofubess

    my ass

  • Nicolas Borges

    Percy Jackson.

    • AJ

      Percy Jackson is not a heroine. u might have meant Annabeth Chase??

  • Kami

    Just wanted to say that Bella from twilight is NOT a strong female lead. If you think that a girl who nearly killed herself an awful lot of times because she CAN’T LIVE without a man is a “strong lead”, you should see a psychologist.

    • Clem

      Haha!!!!!! So true

  • Julia

    How is Bella a strong female lead?

    • Kylie

      She becomes a strong female lead when she becomes a vampire but before that she really wasnt

  • Justin

    Congrats on finishing! We all do NaBloPoMo for defferint reasons. (I’m still trying to figure out why I do it. haha) It’s a bonus when you learn something about yourself, don’t you think?Glad you are giving yourself permission to go back to blogging on your own schedule. I’m subscribed so I’ll still be hanging out over here whenever you post!

  • Anna

    I’m most like Kelsey Hayes from Tiger’s Curse

  • kacian


    • Noah

      I think so too. I have watched all of the seasnos 4 times, and i really think that they ended it on a cliff hanger. What about jess? i mean i know he is in heros, but i hope they make a new season of gilmore girls. Ok well i totally agree with you… bye.

    • Kevin

      Margaret, thanks. I wish that I’d saved the link to this test. But it was a long time ago and I was tkiang it while researching something entirely different than blog topics. At least, if you got average you’d be normal. Me? Can’t even make it to average!

  • Aeisha Lee

    I wonder

  • Chloe

    I think a cross between Hermione and Katniss… Katniss is incredibly strong willed and brave – but so is Hermione! Plus she’s intelligent! Hermione all the way :)

    • Emine

      Well I picked your acnect and yes why was Perth not listed – best city every, Melbourne is a close 2nd which is why I picked it. Happy Australia Day. xxx