Different Ways to React to the Paparazzi If You’re a Celebrity

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It’s pretty much a given that celebrities have a love/hate relationship with the paparazzi. But they all have different ways to express their love/hate (mostly hate):

Support a Cause
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield (AKA the greatest couple EVER) put their paparazzi magnetism to good use by promoting a charity. As if they couldn’t get any more awesome.


Get Physical
Justin Bieber‘s known to get physical with the paparazzi. Most recently, he got a little violent with some pesky paps in London, grabbing their collars and shoving ‘em out of the way. Yikes.


Flipping the Bird
Even with a car as your barrier, sometimes you just wanna put up your middle finger and make a statement without saying a word, like Zayn Malik did below. And this wasn’t the first time he said “Eff you” without speaking


Enlist a Friend
Get a buddy to do the angry work for you. We’re not even sure if Jennifer Lawrence knew this dude in the first place. But if not, she just made a good friend.


Head Down, Sunglasses On
Most celebs seem to take this tried and true approach, including Nina Dobrev. Hey, it def deserves some gold stars for being completely noncommittal. It’s like, if you avoid the right-up-in-your-face subject altogether, maybe they’ll disappear!


Ham It Up
Alternatively, cameras are taking pictures of you,
so you might as well smile. Lea Michele would be in this category.


Quick! Get Liam Hemsworth and hide behind him!
Easy solution… when you’re Miley Cyrus.


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