The Best ‘Divergent’-Inspired Etsy Merch!

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Now that the Divergent movie has a release date, we’ve been kind of obsessed with all things remotely related to the novel. So, when we found some awesome Etsy items inspired by Veronica Roth’s book, we couldn’t help but to get slightly over-enthused and share them with you. Check out the best Divergent-inspired Etsy merch below!

1. Bird Necklace — This necklace is a replica of the tattoo Tris gets in honor of her family members. Awesome meaning and removable — perf! BUY HERE!


2. Tree Necklace — Who wouldn’t want to wear the symbol from the book cover as a piece of jewelry? BUY HERE!


3. Book Page Earrings — Fans of the novel will immediately recognize the romantic importance of the words ‘four’ and ‘six,’ but everyone else can just enjoy how cute they look! BUY HERE!


4. ‘Keep Calm’ Poster — From Dauntless to Erudite, there’s a faction for everyone. Which one will you choose? BUY HERE!


5. Amity Earrings — Wear these and bring peace, kindness and generosity to your daily life. BUY HERE!


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    I think this is amazing. I hope to see more in the future