UGG Reveals New One Direction Boot Collection

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UGG Australia

Just when you thought Larry Stylinson fan art was the craziest One Direction-related thing in your life, UGG boots released a collection of 1D-inspired footwear that leaves little to the imagination. The boots come in pink, green and blue, as well as in the classic brown if you’re feeling a little more subtle. But, you probably won’t be able to accomplish staying low-key no matter what color you’re wearing, because the bold white ’1D’ logo will most likely be an attention grabber. Just sayin’.

The boots are being sold by Between the Flags, an Australian company that sells beach supplies. It is the same company that will release a One Direction surf wear collection including hats, flip flops and shorts — the works! While the collection is cool in theory, many Directioners are kind of hesitant about the new items. And by ‘hesitant’ we clearly mean confused/weirded out/outraged, obviously. One fan tweeted:

Another said:

So, what do you think about the new 1D UGG boots? Do you love ‘em or are you shocked that they were even created? Vote in the poll below and tell us what you think in the comments!

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29 Responses to "UGG Reveals New One Direction Boot Collection"

    Nykaiya says:

    i really want these but i dont know where to get them at?

      Jess says:

      We’ll the easiest way to get them is at one of UGG’s outlets which are only in Australia, you could buy them online but If you live out of Australia it might cost you a lot more, if you don’t want to pay lots of money I’m sure there are plenty of fakes on eBay

    jennifer curr says:

    my two daughters r inlove with one direction… I need to buy 3 pairs and idk where to buy the.. help me out plzzzzzzz….. theses boots r gonna make a lot of money.. these guys r like the beatles… that is cool

    miley simpsen says:

    i raely think those one direction ugg boots are buatiful also taylor lauder im getting those for christmas im getting the mint color of them i cant wait to have them

    miley simpsen says:

    i love those new one direction ugg boots im getting them for christmas there like mint color

    hailey lopez says:

    for cristmas im getting one direction uggs i cant wait

    miley simpson says:

    i also think those ugg boots are buatiful you know im getting them their buatiful the color is pink

    taylor lauder says:

    i love one direction ugg boots and i wanna get them so badly i wanna know where the store is located now

    Emaryqydqa says:

    toms on sale Brobdingnagian S on chanel necklace bid in spite of t $2264000, the comet earrings 1185000 nt, asymmetry of baleful coat t $424800, Bai Seping sherd put on clothing t $88700

    Jordan says:

    I think these are awesome especially for the girls who really like 1D like me. I think they are awesome! Great job Ugg! :)

      Nash says:

      Where can i buy 1D uggs? Plzzzzzzzz rply i reallyyy need to know and i want them dessperatly thanks;)xx

    kayla says:

    This is stupid. I like zayn but this is over the top. I know ugg can make better than this. And im only 14 I like unusual unique fashion but seriously, if my mom ever give me one of those I would throw them straight into the Adriatic. I like the classic uggs better.

    Irasema says:

    I love 1d ugg boots I want to get a pair

    Loop says:

    Ewwwwwwwwww that’s gross I hate 1d sooo much and even if I liked them I would still hatteee those ugl boots

    elle ainsworth says:

    i love one direction but this is to much i wouldny buy them. xo

    Sarah says:

    Ok i love one direction but this is way to much…

    Farron says:

    I love One Direction but this is why 1D haters hate on them. The over-exposure of the band can be too much and One Direction Ugg boots is a little much

    Sara says:

    I LOVE ONE DIRECTION. But, uh.. these are really stupid.. sorry!

    Annie says:

    I love One Direction, but if I see you wearing these, I am judging you. Directioners don’t express ourselves with ugg boots. Especially these

    Hayley says:

    I love 1D I’m one of there biggest fans, i even spent $3,000 to get front row tickets to their concert and even I think these are tacky.

    ohdarling says:

    Those boots are so ugly…no pun intended.

    Nathalye says:

    Yeah rite 1D is amazing

    Anne says:

    Tacky, really? There like the def. of awesome!! Im going out to buy some now!!

    Anne says:

    Tacky, really? There like the def. of awesome!! Im going out to buy some now!!

    Catriona Lauder says:

    I think they are really tacky i mean seriously 1D ugg boots …. think its a bit ridiculous

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