‘Glee’ Recap: Which Storyline Was the Most Unrealistic?

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If you thought you’d learn more about the new love triangle on Glee, well… we guess you’ll have to wait at least another week because last night’s episode, “Makeover,” primarily focused on Kurt, Blaine and Rachel. But even though it only delved into these three characters’ lives, there was still plenty of ridiculousness to go around. Read on for the show’s biggest events, then tell us which one was the most ‘WTF?’ status of ’em all in the comments!

1. Kurt snags an internship at Vogue.com without any prior work/fashion experience. But Isabelle Klempt (Sarah Jessica Parker!), who interviews Kurt for the position, relates to him because — wait for it — they’re both from Ohio. (OK, and other reasons too.) Were there really no other viable candidates?

Glee Makeover, Chris Colfer and Sarah Jessica Parker


2. Blaine & Sam run for student body president and vice president against Brittany & Artie. And Blam (Blaine and Sam’s nickname) wins! Though, that debate was unlike any other. For one, Sam goes back to his stripper ways and takes off his shirt. (No complaints here!) And two, Brittany’s platform is all-year schooling — like, no weekends or summer. Hmm, wonder how many votes she got…


3. Blaine signs up for every club (including superhero sidekick club) at McKinley, while Kurt’s off in New York living out his dream. Blaine realizes that the only reason he even transferred was because of Kurt, and now Kurt’s not even there. When Blaine tries to express his excitement about the debate and inevitable win, Kurt ignores him! Mayj boyfriend fail.


4. Rachel gets a makeover — hence the episode name, “Makeover” — in the Vogue fashion closet!!! Thanks to Kurt and Isabelle, Rachel’s ‘drobe goes from reindeer sweaters to far more Lea Michele-approved attire. And along with her new look, it seems like she gains a new sense of confidence and invites Brody over for dinner, which leads us to the next item…


5. Finn catches Rachel with Brody! After Brachel shares a steamy, on-the-floor kiss in her apartment (which she initiates, B-T-dub), there’s a knock on the door from one Finn Hudson. Although we were excited to see him, we’re sure Rach wasn’t. Considering next week’s episode is titled “The Break Up,” we don’t exactly have high hopes for Finchel. Do you?


What Went Down During Last Week’s Ep…

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  • Lea Lover


  • F.Zehra

    I’m gonna choose the 3rd one 😀 BTW, hey Klaine,Finchel,Wemma,Brittana what the hell’s goin on? K i admit it, Ryan did a perfect job but that’s too much 4 us, that’s just ‘too’ sad :,(

  • Lauren

    Me ether…It was a good run for them. I will miss that suspense. DITTO!

  • Lil

    That last one is maj awks!

    • Princess Leia

      Do you mean majorly awkward? Because your horrific use of english makes what you’re saying incomprehensible.

      • CC

        @Leia Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth! Really, some of the shortenings that people (even writers of the articles) use on here is terrible. Does typing words like “totally” and “definitely” really take that much longer than “totes” and “defs?”