The 5 Strangest (and Yet Most Awesome) Celeb-Inspired Products

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When we asked you if you thought One Direction’s new UGG boots were hot or not, many of you let us know that you thought the band’s newest product is a little bit unusual. As youge, your response got us thinking — “how many celebrity products are out there that make us go ‘huhhh?'” From Justin Bieber to the High School Musical cast, let us just warn you that some of these are definitely going to make you scratch your head a little bit, ’cause let’s face it, who really needs a celebrity laundry bag? So, check out the 5 strangest (and yet most awesome) celeb-inspired products that you may  have owned (or at least considered it — don’t lie!) at some point in your life.

One Direction UGG Boots
We already have 1D all over our walls, but we’re not sure about having them on our feet.

Rihanna Umbrella
Yes, like the song. No, this is not a joke.

Britney Spears Laundry Bag
Hm, well at least this ‘Toxic’ bag will make doing laundry a little more fun, right?

Justin Bieber Toothbrush
Ah, the classic! Who doesn’t want to brush their teeth while hearing a nice tune from The Biebs?!

High School Musical Cereal
If Zac Efron was the prize inside the box, we’re pretty sure this would be a much bigger hit. Just sayin’.

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  • Zayn Malik

    I love all my fans

  • Tatum

    1d ugh a so not a prob I am such a fan and would do anything that is related to the mates bit high school musical cereal it depends

  • Emiliana

    the 1D uggs are UGGly, no offence lol. And yes, if Zac was in the box people would be lining up to buy to the cereal. :)