WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week

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This week marked the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, and we have to say that most celebs in attendance totally rocked the style department. But, as per youge, there are always celebs that seem to miss the mark — or 10 marks — when it comes to their fashion selections. From Taylor Momsen channeling her inner Ozzy Osbourne┬áto Jessie J’s plaid overload, these are the worst dressed celebrities of the week!

Jessie J
So. Much. Plaid.


Russell Brand
We know we usually don’t include guys on the list, but this outfit had to be mentioned.


Brittany Snow
We like to eat blueberries, not wear them.


Taylor Momsen
What ever happened to little Jenny Humphrey?


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WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week
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  • kirsty

    I like taylor momsen! SHE ROCKS!

  • Ray

    Taylor Momsen’s outfit isnt soo bad… looks good actulli!;)

  • orvgirl

    i love jessie j plaid outfit she looks cute.