The Funniest Fake One Direction Facebook Conversations

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Don’t you sometimes pretend that you’re Facebook friends with the members of One Direction? (No, just us?) We’re not delusional, we just like to LOL. And when we found these fake FB convos floating around the Internet, we couldn’t not share.

The ultimate case of misunderstanding. Though we personally find it hard to believe that Zayn Malik would ever make a pun with his own name (and spell it wrong). Or use a winky face. Or use the phrase “awkward turtle.” But still.

Dude, even Kevin the Pigeon has a Facebook. (Some of us are more excited about this than others.)

Wow, Niall. Way to interrupt a beautiful moment with food AGAIN.

Like, doesn’t everyone ship Larry Stylinson?

We all speculate that Big Time Rush and One Direction are probably secret Facebook friends… but that doesn’t mean they don’t comment battle to the planting corn? death.

Harry = FOREVER ALONE. Though, to be perfectly honest, it’s more like…

…this one. #tootrue

The Most Creative Larry Stylinson Fan Art!

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15 Responses to "The Funniest Fake One Direction Facebook Conversations"

    niall horan says:


    Arlin says:

    [..YouTube..] Well I am well versed with nirhamtges, so I can very much keep on dreaming I have been very much the way you have been, but not anymore Not for you and not for me We will see it through and I thank you for YOUR support!

    Katy says:

    LoL. Im sooo bored right now. Anyone else???
    But this is pretty funny:)

    lalalala:D says:

    Ahaha so funny they make me LoL :D

    Jenna says:

    I just looked at them and they maked me LOL

    Yasmine says:

    I Like Harry Styles.<3 ;)
    Lol..Weird Facebook Conversation o-o

    emma atwell says:

    i llllllllllllllllllllllllov herry stiles i im 14 yers old.

    Brooke says:

    I wish these were real because that would like… totally awesome and hilarious!!! :)

    Tess says:

    Niall and me and food are the perfect family.

    Jade says:

    Oh…Harry always gets the fall on all the conversations…. :( I’ll HOLD YOU HARRY <3

    applepie says:


    Emma says:

    use ok 1D i love use -. – :D

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