EXCLUSIVE: One Direction’s Niall Horan Says New Album Is More “Party” Than Romantic

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Sorry ladies, it looks like One Direction is all about having a good time. Even though there are millions of fans across the globe that pine for the British boy-banders, it appears as though their new album won’t be as romantic as you may think. We sat down for an exclusive interview with Niall Horan(!), where he spilled plenty of secrets about not only the “Live While We’re Young” music video, but their upcoming album, Take Me Home. Read on for the full Q&A!

Teen: What is something you can tell us about Take Me Home that most people don’t know yet?
Niall: There are a couple of songs on the album that might surprise people. We kept most of the album similar to the first one [Up All Night], but there are a couple songs on there that some people might be a little shocked with. It’s all good.

Teen: If you had to define the theme for the album, what would it be?
Niall: A house party, yeah baby!

Teen: Are there any romantic songs on the new album, or is it more of a party vibe?
Niall: It’s really “party.” It’s kind of like the first one, but the songs are better. It’s all good, baby.

Teen: How do you personally get inspired to write a song?
Niall: We just kind of sit in a room, and we’re lucky enough to work with some really great song writers, so we just chill and then someone comes up with an idea. Then we just go cracking on that, then I get out the guitar and play some chords, and then we just write the track afterwards.

Teen: What was the most fun part of filming the “Live While We’re Young” music video?
Niall: I think the whole pool bit that was the best part.

Teen: Whose idea was the rowboat dance move in “LWWY?”
Niall: You know Josh, our drummer? It’s basically based on him. We played a joke on him.

Also, even though Take Me Home won’t be dropping until November 13, the album’s tracklist was just released, and we think 1D fans will be pleased to hear there will be 17 brand new songs! Read below to see what tracks made the cut.

1. “Live While We’re Young”
2. “Kiss You”
3. “Little Things”
4. “C’mon, C’mon”
5. “Last First Kiss”
6. “Heart Attack”
7. “Rock Me”
8. “Change My Mind”
9. “I Would”
10. “Over Again”
11. “Back For You”
12. “They Don’t Know About Us”
13. “Summer Love”
14. “She’s Not Afraid”
15. “Loved You First”
16. “Nobody Compares”
17. “Still The One”

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  • katie

    omg can’t wait. btw niall is so cute. actually all of theme are sexy and cute:)))

  • Katie

    Cant wait almost died waiting foe lwwy now I might just explode waiting for the album!!!

  • Katie

    I love this can’t wait going to the store everyday hoping that maybe it will be early out :). Almost died waiting for lwwy to come out now it’s only about 4 weeks!

    • Katie Horan :D

      Totally agreed girl

  • Rowan Tweedy

    I like Harry

  • Anne

    Omg cant wait!! 😀 1D<3

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  • star

    I LIKE ONE DIRECTION BUT MOST OF ALL I LIKE HARRY , and niall….. the LWWY clip was cool ,fantastic .. and now the second album take me home!! o -la- la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Emily

    Ahhh I love Niall and I can’t wait for the album! :D:D

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  • Miranda

    Ughh! Can’t wait! I’m gonna go crazy waiting for it! <3333

  • kassandra horan

    take me home is going to be one of the best songs ever, in my mind and fan and directioners <- me

  • jolie horstysonlikyne

    i cant wait till it comes out i live in the united states so lwwy is isnt out here in itunes I dont think

  • Katy

    I can’t wait till Take Me Home comes out! I love One Direction soooooo much! The songs will be amazayn!!