‘Glee’ Releases New Album for ‘Grease’-Themed Episode

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Although Gleeks are still suffering from total post-Glee-depression after seeing last night’s dramatic episode, they will be very happy to hear that new (and much more upbeat) cast music is coming right around the corner. Though they covered Grease once before — “Summer Lovin’,” FTW! — Sony’s releasing Glee: The Music Presents Glease, a CD of cover songs from the classic flick, on November 6. For your viewing pleasure, here’s the cover:


The album goes hand-in-hand with a special Grease-themed episode that will air November 15, the week after Glee returns from a short hiatus. It will feature nine classic songs, including “You’re the One That I Want” and “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” all sung by your favorite old cast members, the newbies and special guest Kate Hudson!

After all of the relationship drama that went down last night, we can’t help but wonder which characters will sing each song. We can totally picture Rachel belting out “You better shape up, ’cause I need a man” to Finn, though. And we literally can’t wait to see the guys’ rendition of “Greased Lighting.” Hellllo, leather jackets and tight pants!

Who do you picture singing the songs? Will you be tuning in for the Grease-themed show? Let us know, and be sure to check out the full tracklist for Glee: The Music Presents Glease album below!

1. “Hopelessly Devoted To You”
2. “Born To Hand Jive”
3. “Greased Lightning”
4. “Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee”
5. “Beauty School Drop Out”
6. “Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)”
7. “There Are Worse Things I Can Do”
8. “You’re The One That I Want”
9. “Summer Nights”

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  • Whitney

    Really excited about the new CD. The breakup was very hard to watch. All I keep hearing in my head is Blaine saying he was with someone. It was aweful. And teenage dream killed me. Darren did an AMAZING job and looked like he was in so much pain. It was like someone stabbed me in the heart. Britt crying broke my heart too. Didn’t really get that upset with Finn and Rachel cause they break up all the time. I really hope Kurt and Blaine get back together. They have been through so much in their lives and I just want them to be happy TOGETHER. They give me hope that I will find love one day.