Caption This Funny Photo of Justin, Selena & Cody!

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Yeah, yeah, we know you’ve probably all seen this hilar picture of Cody Simpson, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber hangin’ in Vegas, but hey — how could we not include it for this week’s Caption This? Between the scary-yet-hilar props and the funny faces of all parties involved, we expect to see some life-changing captions that will totes get us in the mood for Halloween or make us want to hang out with Jelena even more than we already do. So, start thinking and leave your best caption for this pic in the comments below!

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4 Responses to "Caption This Funny Photo of Justin, Selena & Cody!"

    Emiliana says:

    Cody: Hey. *blank expression*
    Justin: I’m gonna throw up help me
    Selena: LOL this is so funny
    Moshe: *smiles and has no idea whats happening*
    Alfredo: BOO!
    Eli: MwahuahuahhahhHAHAHA

    lol :)

    lovingme says:

    cody:anybody see the monster
    selena: yeah just stand still and it will leave
    justin: i cant do it *falls*
    monster: roar!!!!!!! ooh justin pie yummy

    Jazlean says:

    Justin: *throws up*
    Selena: Can I eat your face
    Cody: Hey.

    Isabella says:

    Justin: Ha ha, yeah funny. I think I’m gonna throw up again.
    Selena: Oh I’m so scared, ha ha.
    Cody: …

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