Quiz: Which Mystic Falls Resident Could You Be Besties With?

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The return of The Vampire Diaries begins so soon – October 11! – which means we’ll see Elena as a vampire in just a few days. But before that happens, here’s a thought: If you were stuck in Mystic Falls, which of the female residents would be your BFF? Someone caring like Nina Dobrev’s character? Or more misunderstood like Klaus’ sister, Rebekah? Quiz is up to find your TVD best friend!


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  • ChyLynn Pickup

    my friend and I fight all the time, what should I do

  • loliwait

    OMG, caroline forbes, <3 i love her soo much, she is the best girl in VD

  • Sourena

    caroline forbes:-*:-*:-*

  • angel

    will most asked me