Buh-Bye, Payzer! 6 Girls Perfect for Liam Payne’s Rebound

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Hearts around the world broke the day Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer split up. (We really thought Payzer was forever!) While we’re not crazy about seeing Liam hand in hand with another girl any time soon, we know he has to move on eventually. And we think any of these chicks could be perfect for the 1D lad:

Ariana Grande
He could guest star on Sam & Cat and she could open for 1D.
It’s a powerhouse couple in the making!


Lucy Hale
Makes sense; it’d be a good rebound for her, too!


Leona Lewis
Hey, Liam’s already admitted to crushin’ on her.
(Maybe he’s following in Harry Styles‘ footsteps and going for the older women?)


Debby Ryan
Li’s sweet, funny, sensitive and wholesome.
Just like Deb!


Dakota Fanning
She’s funny, fierce, and has eyes that can hypnotize any man. Done, done, aaand done.


Danielle Peazer
Ultimately, we would love for Danielle and Liam to reconcile.
Remember when they were (rumored to be) engaged?! Sigh.


Must-Watch: Liam Payne Dances to “Gangnam Style!”

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  • Jalisha

    Please stop this madness.

    Liam is gay and with Zayn. PaysHer was a beard.


    The Vegas 1D tour stop was all the proof we needed. PaysHer was in the audience so Zayn was completely p!ssed off the entire show. He wouldn’t even LOOK at Liam he was so furious that Fuzzy (like a beard) was there. You can see the footage on YouTube.

  • Brooklin

    I love him and Danielle together, so if they got back together that would be great, but if they didn’t, I think the only girls on here that might work is, Debby Ryan or Ariana Grande. All the other girls are too wrong for him.

  • Lexi

    Umm him & Niall. 😛

  • allie

    he just got out of a relationship why would he go for another one and it seems like he is happy single

  • allie

    i think him and ariana would be cute

  • sara

    OMG!! Daniele is not pretty at all :( but I would love it if he could date Lucy, they’ll be so cute 2gether

    • Emily

      Oh my god you have no right to judge people like that. There are so many people around the world who are bullied enough. Good thing Danielle probably isn’t reading this, because she’s a gorgeous woman and you’d be stupid to think she’s ugly. Plus, people shouldn’t be saying who Liam should be dating lol. It’s his life and his relationship.

  • katrina

    It should be Danielle
    All the rest are too wrong for him