Justin Bieber Pranked, Robbed & Caught Playing Beer Pong in One Week

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While this past summer was full of Justin Bieber antics — a concussion, a $9 million lawsuit, a speeding citation and more — the past seven days could still be considered Justin’s worst week ever. First up on the list: picture proof of Justin playing beer pong.

Though there’s yet to be confirmation that Justin actually drank any alcoholic beverages at the time, TMZ still retrieved photographic evidence (see it here) of the singer playing the alcohol-infused game. However, even if he did consume any of the products, it didn’t necessarily have to be considered underage drinking if it were on Canadian soil (where the drinking age in some areas is 18). So the question quickly became, which country did this game go down in? Well, TMZ did some more digging and determined that no matter where it took place — though it was narrowed down to somewhere in Canada or Georgia. Or Alabama, who knows? — it would still be illegal because the photo is from a year and a half ago when Justin was 17, which means it would’ve been against the law in either Canada or the U.S. Fail!

To make matters worse, Justin fell victim to a “swatting” prank: “A 911 call came in last night… the caller claiming someone was waving a gun right next to Justin’s L.A. home.” But after police swept the Biebs’ house, no one and nothing out of the ordinary were spotted.

And that’s still not even all the news. Just yesterday, Justin was not only robbed — but hacked, too! Here’s what he says,

Although Justin’s yet to confirm or deny what the said footage contains, naked pictures circulated the Internet last night claiming to be of the Believe artist.

Another Justin Bieber Acoustic Album in the Works?!

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  • lovely

    really but i believe in justin bieber it is just prank

  • Kite

    What a bad rolemodel that kid is.
    And I’m not talking about the drinking.
    I mean his awful spelling on Twitter.

  • Irene

    He will never does such a thing like that Justin is a good guy and I believe in him

  • khalaryah

    I agree where in the pic is he drinking or playing anything?!?!?! LOL in the picture all it shows is he looking tired from people lying about him and basiclly STALKING him put yourself in his shoes how would you feel, the only thing keeping him SANE is his fans. 100% REAL right now

  • Celeste

    In that beer pong picture, he’s just standing there. There’s no way to prove that he even was even playing, much less drinking.

    • Katy

      I agree. They have no proof that he played or drank.