Charice Talks New Movie ‘Here Comes the Boom’ & Possibility of ‘Glee’ Return (Exclusive)

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Charice fans will not doubt come out in droves this weekend to see her big feature film debut in Here Comes the Boom, so decided to ask her a few questions about her latest project and some other fun topics!

In the film, Charice plays a student whose school is experiencing some major budget cuts, specifically in after-school programs, so one brave teacher (played by Paul Blart: Mall Cop funny man Kevin James) decides to start mixed martial arts fighting to raise money. Though the fighting is risky, he ends up inspiring the whole student body. In addition to being one of the most heartfelt movies of the fall, you’ll get to hear Charice belt out a new tune on the film’s soundtrack.

Read on for’s full Q&A with Charice where we talk about the film, her Halloween plans, and much more!

Teen: What are you doing for Halloween?
Charice: I will put on my darkest and scariest costume and scare the neighbors! I’m obsessed with ghost stories so it’s the perfect holiday for me.

Teen: Here Comes the Boom is all about extra-curricular programs. What club would you be in and why?
Of course I would be in the music club – that’s why the message in this film is so perfect for me. Music saves a lot of people so it’s a shame it’s often not given the priority it deserves in school and education. I would also join a dance club and a computer nerdy club.

Teen: Other big stars like Henry Winkler and Salma Hayek are also in HCTB. Who would you love to work with that you haven’t yet and why?
Charice: The list is endless, I don’t even know where to begin in listing them. Let’s just say I love comedy and also action heroes.

Teen: Over the last year, your style’s definitely changed. Who are some of your celeb fashion/style icons?
Charice: I’m inspired by lots of different fashion icons but I’m not really someone who admires someone because they have a specific name. I also go with how I feel inside, what makes me feel good. It’s important to find your own style and experiment with style and fashion.

Teen: Last year, Sunshine Corazon stole the show(s) on Glee. Have you seen any of this season? Is Sunshine ever coming back?
Charice: I’ve seen some of this season and still love it. I have no idea if Sunshine will come back.

Charice: It was an amazing experience, really very special and something I will always cherish.

Charice: No idea, we’ll have to wait and see.

Charice: I’m working on many songs right now – there is no fixed date.

Don’t forget to check out Here Comes the Boom, out in theaters October 12!

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  • Joeina


  • pityoung

    I miss Sunshine on glee

  • Med

    I love Charice and I plan to watch the movie this weekend.

  • tintin

    Charice is so amazing! Cant wait for her 2nd album!

  • Lei

    Gosh! We have 3 months to wait… As in 3 months! Before we can watch the HCTB here in the Philippines. I should keep myself very busy <3

  • Bon

    I hope she comes back on glee, I would love to see her there… hopefully…pleeeease…

  • tere

    charice FTW…

  • Cern

    Saw HCTB in Toronto 7:45 pm yesterday, Oct. 12. The theatre was 98%full.Families with kids, women in hijab, teens, single guys & dolls laughed a lot. Not like Mrs. Doubtfire, the Boom, however, was laughable enough with Henry Winkler, Kevin James, and Das Rutten tickling the ears of the audience more respectably than the Three stooges could have. But Filipino singer Charice rendered a believable twist to the plot and an incredible vocals of Holly Holy that made a tired Neil Diamond song very much alive above the din of a jampacked mixed martial fight night crowd.

  • vilma

    Wow!! all I can say is, Charice is adorable with big heart. she is a talented young kid which I admire a lot. I love her. Cannot wait to see her second album..

  • anitadcruz

    my date w/ HCTB to see Charice tom sat. oct.13th, i cant wait.

  • stef

    Dang.. as a European fan (Belgium) I have to wait until feb.2013 to watch this movie –) Charice your killing me.. I might fly to the us just to watch my Angel.

    • Demi

      Hi neighbour!

      I can’t believe we have to wait till February to watch this movie… I wish Charice would come to Holland/Belgium, I just have to finally see her performing live. Do you use twitter? Maybe we’re already following eachother, I have no idea. I’m @ChariceHolland :)