One Direction Possibly Launching Their Very Own Fragrance

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Following in the footsteps of many celebrities before them, it’s being reported that the boys of One Direction are gearing up to release their own fragrance. So, what’s the fragrance called? And when is it going to hit shelves?

Um, we’re not really sure, as the idea of the 1D boys having their own scent is pretty much speculation at this point. However, some are saying that you would have to wait quite some time to pick up your own bottle of 1D perfume , because it wouldn’t be unveiled until some time next summer.

Though nothing is confirmed, we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if this is true. They do have their own dolls, after all! Another fun project 1D is involved with is Get Schooled! Get Schooled is an education non-profit, and the guys have volunteered to send lucky fans their very own wake up call from the guys! Head over to Get Schooled’s site to learn more.

Would you buy 1D perfume? What do you think it should be called? Sound off in the comments!

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18 Responses to "One Direction Possibly Launching Their Very Own Fragrance"

    Miranda says:

    I love one direction they are amazing and how come it came out in the UK first I bet it smells good me and my friend cant wait!!!!!!! :)

    Megan says:

    I would defently buy there perfume cause I’m in love with one direction and it very spiecal because it from 1D!

    Maralisse says:

    I would defianetly buy their perfume, I am in love with all of them!

    Darrenlyn says:

    Can’t wait! :)

    direction says:

    YES I WOULD NEVER SAY NO!!!!!!!!!<333333

    Juliana Direction says:

    I love 1[)! I think the should have something to do with carrots or bananas! Louis likes carrots and Harry loves bananas!

    Christine says:

    It’ll probably smell like crap if they have anything to do with it. After all, they are crap.

      Darrenlyn says:

      Are you making millions of dollars for your music? Then shut the fuck up.

      Katie says:

      Darrenlyn is right. you don’t even know them shut the fuck up and it would probably smell like fucking angels playing like fucking nicki minaje’s but theres’ would probably smell better no affence nicki minaj !!!!!!!!!!!

      Claire says:

      You probably smell like crap…After all, you are crap!

    Ana Beatriz Quijano Barrios says:

    One Direction making their own fragrance?!! Weird!! Taylor’s perfume is the best!!!! ;)

    jenna says:

    fuck yeah

    Sally says:

    OMG! I will definetly buy it.I mean we’re talking about One Direction<3 Go launch that perfume:)

    1D Lover says:

    OMG! I will definetly buy it.I mean we’re talking about One Direction<3

    Hannah says:

    Would I buy it? Heck yeah! Like hello, it’s One Direction!

    Katy says:

    I love One Direction!! I would definetly buy the perfume!

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