The Different Types of One Direction Fan Fiction that Exist

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Fan fiction‘s not what it used to be. No longer only a solid method of procrastination, it’s now considered productive for some people. Take 16-year-old Emily Baker. She wrote a One Direction fan fiction called Loving the Band, and now she’s got a book contract! After posting her work on website and receiving over 30,000 requests to write a sequel, a fiction editor at Penguin saw her work and snatched it right up. Why didn’t we think of that?! The story: A girl from Scotland visits her BFF in London who bumps into a boy band, chillaxes with them, and finds two of its members quite taken with her. Hmm, we feel like we’ve heard this one before… If you’re familiar with the 1D fan-fic world, we bet you’ll notice these common tropes. (P.S. Make sure to join the conversation in our new Fan Fiction message board!)

Girl Runs into 1D on the Street. NBD.
Because it’s really that easy.


“I Saw Her Face in the Crowd and Can’t Stop Thinking About Her”
There were all those people in the crowd that day… but when he (Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, or Niall — take your pick!) saw this girl‘s face, he knew — JUST KNEW! — it was true love.


One Direction Goes to High School… in America?
When their egos get too big, they’re sent away to (horror upon horrors!) finish high school like the rest of us. They become both objects of lust among the ladies and instantaneous glee club recruits. Somehow, the members of the band have all their classes together. Look at Niall, so studious!


All the Boys Love [Insert Name Here]
Dude, this one girl — they all want her. She can even tempt Louis from longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Fighting gets real.


Saved by 1D
You faint and fall and… OMG, is that Harry Styles coming to your rescue? Instant chemistry and luuurve.

5 Girls, One Direction
One girl for each boy. Get it? Everyone wins! Usually the five girls are all BFFs so it’s, like, penta-dating. Funzies!

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  • Vladimir

    I love, love, love it all. You do such amazing work it’s hard to chose just one. Holiday of cuorse is a top choice. But then again my file has at least one of just about any category you can name in it. THANKS for all your work.

  • Nim

    I’ve found all the fan fics that have that kinda plots.This entry is so true, and so funnehh! LOL to that 😀

  • Liss

    At some point, you just can laugh at the fanfictions… and you’re not even able to accuse them for plagiarism each other because, well, they’re all the same thing!

  • Anna

    Why would the One Direction go to a high school when they are famous.

  • F.Zehra

    I wish,those fiction would be possible…