10 Signs You’re at a Fictional Halloween Party

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Showing up at a Halloween party wearing the same costume as your frenemy happens to everyone. But most of the other things that happen during Halloween parties on our favorite TV shows and in movies don’t happen in real life. Here are just a few:

Too-Realistic Costumes
Baby vamp Vicki on The Vampire Diaries is a clear example of this. (We all know what happened at that Halloween party, right? ICYMI, Vicki went rogue and attacked Elena. And died)

The CW

You Have a Dangerous Stalker
A classmate that just won’t get the message is nothing compared to someone dead set on doing you harm, like the various ‘A’s on Pretty Little Liars.

ABC Family

Decoration Overload
The party has more decorations than an Oriental Trading catalog. And Cassie’s pizza budget while her grandmother’s away covered all those fake ghouls… (RIP The Secret Circle.)

The CW

Costume (or the Vaguest Disguise) = Endless Possibilities
A simple Halloween costume means no one knows who you are.
Like Victoria Justice‘s little brother who she loses track of in Fun Size.


Clueless, Unconcerned Parents
The parents are all at their own adult (less cool) Halloween soirees and don’t have a clue about all the fun and/or trouble you’re getting into with actual zombies and witches. And who could blame them with a bewitching performance courtesy of the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus?


Super Sketchy Venue
An abandoned shack where dozens of murders happened is the perfect venue for 100 teenagers. Or a house that’s right next to that abandoned shack.

ABC Family

Costumed Fun Will Get Interrupted
Take it from Elena and Bonnie, if you put on a costume,
you’re going to have to deal with some dramz.

The CW

Babysitting Ruins Lives, Every Time
The worst fate for a teenager is babysitting,
which always ends up in someone getting hurt, especially on All Hallow’s Eve.


Bad Guys Have 9+ Lives
Oh, so you killed the villain? Nope. You didn’t.
Michael Myers from Halloween has died about 1000x by our count.

Compass International Pictures

Running to Scary Noises, Monsters
Fight (or investigate the creepy noise) always wins out over flight. At least in the first half of the movie or show. This is a general rule for every episode of the PLL series.

ABC Family

The 10 Most Creative Halloween Costumes

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