Van Halen Slams One Direction! Calls the Boy Band… Err, Just Read On

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One Direction on the Alan Carr Show; INSET: Wolfgang Van Halen

BBC Radio 1/WENN

We smell a feud a’brewing… If you haven’t heard, the One Direction guys have developed reputations as individuals; as mentioned in the latest issue of SeventeenZayn Malik‘s the “bad boy,” Harry Styles is considered “girl crazy,” etc. But as a whole unit, words like “bromantic,” “silly” and “sweethearts” probably come to mind. That is, unless you’re a part of hard rock band Van Halen. Its bassist, Wolfgang, had some choice words to say about the British-Irish group. (NOTE: His choice of words was a little colorful, so we had a censor a tad bit. But we’re sure you’ll get the point.)

Tweet #1: Fun fact: Was just insulted by that $4!##y boy band #OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning! Greetings Birmingham!

Tweet #2: No joke. That ACTUALLY happened. That group of kids in #OneDirection were d***heads to @IIEROCKII @GWDrums and I.

Tweet #3: They must call themselves that because all of their hair points in #OneDirection

Since we don’t know the entire situation, it wouldn’t be fair to choose sides. But, let’s face it, you know you’re on one. WDYT of Wolfgang’s choice words? What word comes to mind when you think of 1D? Leave us a note below, or join the convo on our One Direction message board!

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  • Raena

    Directionaters: If you really hate One Direction, then you don’t know you’re beautiful.

  • tanya and grace

    I LOVE ONE DIRECTION YOU KNOW TELL ME IF I LOVE OR LIKE YOU CRAY! love -tanya and grace in coputer class (;

  • bianca


  • Sophia Malik

    One direction is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!
    And they r the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Norma

      #11#12 ClotUp to 7th and top of our CPL group and you’re still calling rategelion? What I find really funny about your run so far is that the highest placed team you have managed to beat this year are the Mackems in 14th spot. So keep dreaming.By the way are you revisiting your last prediction on ManU. Will admit the Man U fixture is a bit problematic.

  • brianna

    for real!!!!! one direction is the best thang that ever happend to me i culdnt live without them there my hereos i have never loved an artist as much as i love them it really makes me mad that stupid idc what there name is band? no one likes them anyway i wuldnt of even of known who van halen was if i wuldnt of opened this thang all i can say is get a life cuz no one knows who van halen is but guess what everyone knows who one direction is cuz there awesommee !!!!!!!!!! u suck if u dont like them (:

  • 1dluvr

    tht guy is so stupid-1D is the best band ever!!!!

  • Reya

    Bet its true. Man, I hate those motherf*ckers. Kick their ass, VanHalen <3

    • apostolia malik

      fuck you whore!! we love 1D!!! go and fuck ur shelf u asshole!!

    • Darrenlyn

      *middle finger*

    • Emily

      Thank you!!

  • Mea

    what do word comes to mind when i think of 1D? Music….i like them and their music it helps me get though some rough days! If this is true i will lose a lot of respect for them..they shouldnt be like that! they should be them silly selves!

  • Ana Beatriz Q. Barrios

    That’s not very nice and easy. One Direction became popular since 2010-2011. Why would people say such racist things?? :(

  • Allison

    Why would he make that up?
    Its most likely true.

  • cece jones

    That is bulll $#!+. He was prob drunk.

    • emms


  • Courtnie

    I don’t believe that at all. I highly doubt they would do such a thing.

  • Casey Washburn

    i dont believe that

    • JoHanna

      I do….people do. Not realize how celebs really are sometimes…people don’t get anything about liking that stuf…..

      • AWW

        i agree. i would be suprised if it was true. if so, 1D is totally out of line.

    • emms

      me either if your on youtube and watch their funny moments they seem like sweet boys( imma directioner) but you never kno…. i hate to say tht if the boys r reading the comments( tht probs wont happen) so….