One Direction Pumpkins: Niall-O’-Lantern (EXCLUSIVE)

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One Direction Niall Pumpkin

Matt McFarland Photography

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is right around the corner so this year I turned to my talented (if you can call this a talent, we do though) cousin, who carved a Justin Bieb-er-lantern a couple years ago, to create pumpkin masterpieces of, who else, the guys from One Direction!

Today we start with the Niall-o’-lantern. How do you think our One Direction pumpkin carving turned out? Let us know in the comments and check back every day this week at 7PM EST for a new pumpkin starring one of the guys. Which one would you want on your porch?

Check Out Our Interview With Niall From 1D!

One Direction Pumpkin: Harry Styles

Photo: Matt McFarland Photography

One Direction Pumpkin: Liam Payne

Photo: Matt McFarland Photography

One Direction Pumpkin: Louis Tomlinson

Photo: Matt McFarland Photography

One Direction Pumpkin: Niall Horan

Photo: Matt McFarland Photography

One Direction Pumpkin: Zayn Malik

Photo: Matt McFarland Photography

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  • Cania James

    i think it is freakin cute

    • cania james

      shout out 2 bozaya get a life

    • megan

      i think niall is the fittist he is well bang a bull btw i live at 72 new burlington road

      • Janna

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  • Alicia Churilla

    love it! niall’s my fav foreverr ,, this artist is soo talented!!

    • Bozaya Simon

      shut up girl one direction sucks

  • DANI


  • Arte

    Hands out! It’s mine!

  • Sam*

    OMG!! Niall is soo cute as always!! Ilove him!! I wish i could have this pumpkin for myself!!! :* ^-^

  • Ale

    HAZZA!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    • Minyan Burgess

      <3 1D

  • Cupcakecorgi

    I think u have to much time on your hands

  • Michaela

    Omg mind blowing

  • Rachel

    I WANT THE NIALL ONE!!! That is SO cool. I can’t wait to see the others! (I’d still want the Niall one though, cause he’s my favorite. :))

    • Minyan Burgess

      i really think that the niall one is very cute

    • Shabina

      Niall: I don’t want you dead, Iri. I can find a new advisor tell him yes so that we can get to work senittg things in order. Irial: Discord doesn’t generally work at putting things in order. I’d love to read the Niall/Irial centered story