Mom Uses Embarrassing Photos on Facebook to Punish Daughter

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Usually when you get in trouble with your parents, they do something like take away your computer, or ground you so you can hang out with your friends, right? Well, recently, one mom took that a step further when she wanted to teach her daughter a lesson, and posted some embarrassing photos on her daughter’s Facebook page.

That’s right, a mom and dad confiscated their daughter’s phone for a whole week after she got “fresh” with them, and they had a little fun of their own. They used their daughter’s own phone to upload a number of pics (like the one above). That’s certainly one way to learn your lesson!

What do you think about this particular punishment? Did the parents go too far? Or was it harmless? And most importantly, what would YOU do if you parents did this to you? Sound off in the comments!

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3 Responses to "Mom Uses Embarrassing Photos on Facebook to Punish Daughter"

    Ashlee says:

    Haha if that were my parents, after I got my phone back I would post about how awesome my parents were and how they know how to have fun..

    Hiheyhowareyou says:

    Not far at all. I will not kill her. She will learn to be respectful to her parents even if her mom and dad have to get creative with it lol!

    Hannah says:

    No thats not far at all. If my punishment was just to have a stupid picture of my parents ob facebook, go right ahead! If it did any harm it might just embarass my parents! Other then that it would either give people a nice laugh or they wouldnt care.

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