Colton Haynes Follows ‘Divergent’ Author On Twitter; Teases ‘Great News’

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Twitter (@ColtonLHaynes)

A few days ago, we mentioned that there were rumors about The Hunger Games’ Alex Ludwig being cast as Four in the Divergent movie. While Alex may still in the running, buzz has officially hit Divergent fan sites about a possible new leading male in the movie: Teen Wolf’s Colton Haynes!

This thought comes on the tail of another rumor that Colton will be leaving Teen Wolf and, although nothing is confirmed, he did send out quite an interesting tweet that had fans saying a collective “hmm…”

To further add fuel to the fire, the person that Colton has most recently followed on Twitter is none other than Veronica Roth, the author of Divergent!


Like we said, this theory is solely based on clues that seem particularly interesting, but it seems like fans of the book are totes on board the Colton train…

Facebook (Divergent.Film)

Tumblr (four-fears)

Tumblr (finnicksheart)

So, who do you think should play Four? Is Colton a good choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Divergent message board!

Would Shailene Make a Good Tris? Sound Off!

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  • Annie

    Colton should be four he would be PERFECT I think he fits the character :)

  • Jojol

    I’m sorry but that is not at all how I see four. If you want a good looking, perfect match for four its without question Drew Roy.

  • Talia

    I think Colotom would be great as Four. When I was reading the book, I imagined him as Four. His eyes are the right color; so is his hair if he dyes it a bit darker. He’s great for the role!

  • Esme

    I’m sorry.

  • Nicole

    I think Colton would be perfect for four, twenty million times better then xander, xander should be peter btw, I also don’t like shailene as tris

  • Mary

    I think Shailene Woodley would actually make an AMAZING Beatrice for the “Divergent” film. A majority of fans disagree with the casting choice, but I don’t see the problem with it. I think most know her from The Secret Life Of An American Teenager and judge her acting based upon that one show [which I find to be crappy and the acting crappy, too]. Instead, they should watch her spectacular and brilliant performance in The Descendants alongside George Clooney. She’s got some serious skills and I think she can totally pull off the role of Tris. A., she’s got that soft, delicate look to her face just like Tris’s; B., she’s one of those up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood; C., she acts very well and D., VERONICA ROTH APPROVES OF HER!

    So, I approve of Woodley, too! :)

    About the whole Colton Haynes issue, I’m sort of really curious about that, too. I mean, he followed Veronica on Twitter. He left Teen Wolf. He’s got great news to share. It seems highly possible that it could be possibly linked to Divergent. I hope he gets the role of Four! 😀 I can’t see Alexander Ludwig as Four. No way… :/