One Direction Pumpkin: Zayn-o’-lantern! (Exclusive)

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We’ve had so much fun showing off our One Direction pumpkins this week, that we’re actually kind of sad this is the final one! Starting on Monday, we’ve been giving you guys our specially carved 1D-o’-lanterns (Monday: Niall Horan, Tuesday: Liam Payne, Wednesday: Louis Tomlinson, Thursday: Harry Styles), and now you’re finally getting a look at Zayn Malik‘s cute face carved on a Halloween pumpkin.

It looks pretty realistic if you ask us — Zayn’s blonde streak was even carved in the pumpkin! We obviously didn’t want to leave any details out! Now that you’ve seen every single one of our 1D pumpkins, which do you think looks the best? Sound off in the comments!

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8 Responses to "One Direction Pumpkin: Zayn-o’-lantern! (Exclusive)"

    Georgia says:

    Cool I <3 zayn

    The Harry 1 is scary I h8 Harry

    Bruna says:

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    Ana Beatriz Q. Barrios says:

    A Zayn-o’-Lantern?!! Cool!!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs.Kaitlin Malik says:

    This soo amaZAYN!!

    iluv1D says:

    i checked out all of them-theyre soooo freakin’ cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arte says:

    What’s next 4 that person who made 1D-O-Lanterns.

      Stacy Hinojosa says:

      Hi Arte! He’s super talented, right? I think next year he’s going to try to grow a giant pumpkin so his carving of Zayn can be life-size. If he pulls it off, he’ll probably show it at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Hope this answers your question!

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