How to Dress Like One Direction for Halloween: The Girl Edition!

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Halloween is less than a week away, and while most of you probably can’t wait to get into your adorbs costumes, it’s no secret that some of you have been procrastinating slightly and still don’t have any outfit ideas. Yes, you could throw on a pair of cat ears and call it a day, but why not make Halloween 2012 one to remember by dressing up as none other than Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik with your friends?! We know, we know — how the heck are you going to do that? Not to worry,’s got you covered (as per youge) and we came up with style guides on how you can dress like each One Direction guy. Pick your fave, grab some buds and find out how you can dress like 1D (the girl edish) for All Hallow’s Eve…

Louis Tomlinson
A striped shirt, a pair of red pants and white Converses would suffice.
But to put a cherry on top, add some suspenders. You know Lou likes ’em. 


Zayn Malik
The hardest part about Zayn’s look is the varsity jacket.
Bonus points to the girl who can get a cute guy to let her borrow his!


Niall Horan
Although Niall’s not wearing a cardi in this pic, he’s totally known for rocking one most times.
Pick your fave color and you’re good to go! P.S. The braces are an added treat.


Harry Styles
Blazers are totally in for fall, so this costume can be re-worn and switched up a bunch of times.
As for your hair, having swooping bangs is absolutely essential.


Liam Payne
Plaid, plaid and more plaid — obviously the one thing that’s required to become Liam. Side Note: We’re not 100% sure what he wears on his wrist, but a black watch/bracelet will do the trick!


For more helpful tips on how to master the One Direction Halloween costume, lett the ClevverTV ladies show you how it’s done!

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  • Nadia Anaya

    hi Louis it’s a 1d fan I have a question are you getting too old for birthday Party’s your only 21 your birthday Pass is was December 24 1991 you we’re born on Christmas Eve Mr. Skinny Jeans that could be your Nickname but you have one it’s Boo Bear I think

    • megan

      i would love to dress up as all of u but i cant.
      the person i would love to dress up as is zayn malk
      i would like to go to a 1d cocert

      love u zayn such a big fan if i met u in person i would faint

      • megan

        i think u should not say something dirt or mean

  • Emma

    I love louis he is the cutest one in the band and zayn but Harry is ugly I hat I’m my friend at school youse to like him but when she found out he was gay she started to like Niall

  • naila

    im so going to be naila for halloween does anybody know how to make to teeth

  • Harry

    Hey guys Harry from one direction. Thank you for everything you guys have done!!

  • Zayn Maliki

    I love the jacket

  • I AM ME

    Well I zink that these are adorable pigeons! where can I adopt one?

  • Louis Tomlinson

    I LOVE CARROTS!!! Okay, that was a bit random. Well me and my Wife Cassie think these costumes are lovely. Theses are something that really looks like what the band would wear. Nicely done. 😀

    • Lilly

      Really we’ll I am Louis’s girls friend and louis all ways look nice so GET LOST

  • mo

    i pick niall or louis i can’t pick because it so hard.

    • Lilly

      We’ll pick louis because he is my boyfriend and we ate getting married tomorrow come if you want to this is where we will be ( Hollywood hotel)
      Be there please and there will be a Band playing called one direction thanks be there xxx

  • Megan


  • nathaniel

    I like the style that wenn is wearing in that photo

  • Maashi

    We will need another thing 4 this costumes.a sign that says’v ar 1D’;-)

  • bob says high

    can you guys spare me some converse size 7? 😉 !!!!!!?????????

    • bob says high

      and why was i taylor launter do i searouly look like taylor launtner??? ;( :(

      • Maashi

        No u ar not taylor.u ar a girl.:-p

  • Miranda

    Or you coud have your own varsity jacket 😛

    • Nialls crazy mofo

      I know aha! It’s like they think we don’t have them lol.

  • Ummm

    You guyz talk TOO much,just show me the halloween clothes :S