Caption This LOL-Worthy Picture of Nicki Minaj!

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When we saw this picture of Nicki Minaj making the ultimate stank face, we obviously had to use it for this week’s Caption This. Not ’cause we immediately pictured her saying something to Mariah Carey or anything; Nicki’s just known for being pretty extreme, so we wanna see those captions be completely over-the-top hilarious. We have faith in you, readers. Get captioning!


Caption This: Demi Kisses a Zombie?

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8 Responses to "Caption This LOL-Worthy Picture of Nicki Minaj!"

    dalina says:

    what u looking at? bitch please im fabolous!!!
    :D hahaha

    Tess says:

    Bitch said whaattt!!!!

    Ray says:

    I wanna let go of my Breath but I’m afraid Im gonna explode my dress…what shud I do??
    Haha….I jus loooove her!

    amy says:

    Oh, so you want a weirdest-dressed contest!?ITS ON LADY GAGA.

    Gigi says:

    Omg like shut up drake I do not have too many wigs

    laila baye says:

    OMG I am totally better than u! stop looking at me!!!!!

    Niamh says:

    why is my hair pink?! i was promised blue hair

    Serena says:

    Why am I wearing a bowl around my waist? Or. Lady gaga is NOT wearing that right now!

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