Find Out Which Celeb Fan Name Won Our Survival Game!

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Another Survival Game has come and gone. And after polling readers about the top 16 most clever fan names — including Debby Ryan‘s DeborAliens, Bella Thorne‘s Bellarinas, Logan Lerman‘s Lermaniacs and more — it came down to two: Katy Perry‘s KatyCats and Cher Lloyd‘s Brats. But which group is the more powerful fandom? The winner is…

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  • kendoll ;3

    and a little bit of DEBORALIEN!
    #nohate, they’re just my life ❤️

  • Shaydee

    Uhm Cher Lloyd Brat doesnt make any sense at all. Why did they even choose this name. Brats has nothing to do with the name Cher Lloyd. KatyKats actually flows and makes sense. This is just sad and pretty gay. Find a better name for Cher please?

    • Joy

      I think that’s a little mean. Just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean it’s sad and gay. I was rooting for KatyKats to but I like Cher Lloyd to and am not gonna hate on her just because she won.

  • Hazz

    Yeaaa!! #bratsrock :)

  • Ryan

    Yay I’m in that picture, on the back left 😀

  • demitria

    this seriously won. i knew it would but it shouldn’t have.

  • 1dluv

    YAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy cuz im a Brat :) luv u Cher!!!!!!!! 😉
    first comment 😉