Justin Bieber Gets (Eighth!) Tattoo. Check Out His New Owl Ink

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It wasn’t too long ago that Justin Bieber debuted his new crown ink (via shirtless Twitter picture). But now, just a little over a month later, he has a new tattoo to show off: a black-and-gray owl on his forearm. On Instagram yesterday, JB wrote “Befo the paps get me” along with this photo:


This is JB’s eighth (known-about) body addition after the crown, a bird on his hip, a star on his elbow, ‘Jesus’ written in Hebrew on his ribcage, an image of Jesus on his leg, praying hands on his other leg and “Believe” pictured above next to the fresh ink. What do you think of Justin Bieber’s new mark? Do you think he has too many tattoos? Leave your thoughts below or on our Justin Bieber message board!

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  • jonycesha

    i love it and i him just the way he are if he want a tattoo than let him have it i will always love him what evere he do or are. ps.by jonycesha i love u

  • Brenden

    What was he thinking this is more stupid then Jesus

  • Ummm

    Hey Justin! What’s wrong with you? Where’s the old cute JB,i’m really missing him :'( Are u addicted to tattoos? it’s TOO much! No more tattoos,please! :(

  • Chloe Breese


  • Belle

    This guy is a total twit. How he has ANY fans is beyond me…I’m still trying to decide whether they’re ignorant, or just stupid.

  • daniel

    i like justin bieber but i dont like the new tatto

    • robyn o’shaughnessy

      you didn’t even spell tattoo right. jb hater

  • Darrenlyn

    Its cute. Creepy. But cute!

  • Allie

    too many tattoos!

    • !!!!!1D-lover!!!!!!!!!!

      he only has 2

      • sylviie

        it clearly says that he has 8 (that the know of) above ^
        didnt you read it….?

      • Ummm

        Yeah it says that he has 8,(known-about) and there r a lot of pics that shows biebs’ tattoos,i think u should open ur eyes,or buy glasses?