Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Teens Cast Their Presidential Votes!

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Although not many teens can physically vote for their favorite presidential candidate on November 6, 2012, it doesn’t mean that they’re not in the know on the recent debates and issues surrounding the upcoming election. In a poll conducted by Channel One, ‘The Incumbent’ Barack Obama and ‘The Challenger’ Mitt Romney were placed in separate corners, with Obama coming out on top 50% to Romney’s 44%. (To find out how your state voted, visit

Channel One

So what are the most important topics of the election? Channel One readers say:

Economy/jobs 44%
National debt %16
Education 16%
Social issues 9%
National security 8%
Environment 7%

How do you feel about the above-mentioned topics? Which presidential hopeful would you vote for? Take our poll below, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Watch Obama & Romney Cover Katy Perry!

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  • Allie

    Brent Schneiders for President!!

  • vicky

    Demi Lovato for president! PROUD LOVATIC! 😉

  • Vivian


  • janna

    leo howard!

    • sarrah

      Billy unger!

  • Ali Simpson

    Romney! xoxo He is cute

  • İsmail Abi :D

    Hehe Obama is my man 😀 i’m gonna choose him 😛 😀 that’s the ironi cuz i don’t live in the USA 😀 hahaha asdfghjk 😀

  • tbird

    If Mitt is elected I’m moving to Canada before the end of next year. He will make this country worse than it ever has been and he will ruin everything good Obama has already done for us. I don’t even like Obama but I’d rather die than live in a country where the leader is someone who obviously has less of an IQ than a cat with cheese on its head.

    • user

      right. and what exactly has obama done besides violate religious liberties and made the economy even worse?

      • Alicia

        Lol don’t do that sweet heart please. first of all Bush(before Obama just in case you too slow to know) mes up the economy. Tell me how can he fix the whole country in 4 years. On top of that he got our soldiers (majority) out of the war and kil the biggest threat to the world (Osama) and kept your parents job… So yeah check our self before yo get on here :)

      • Daniela

        You tell her, sister! ROMNEY

      • Egypt

        Obama All The Way! Do You Want To Go To College? If You Want Romney For President I Think You Don’t. If Your In The Middle Class (Like I Am, Between Rich And Poor) You Should Want Obama To Win. Obama Is Smart, Get More Tax Money From The Wealthy To Open More Oppurtunities For Jobs So Those Couch Potatoes Will Get Off Their Butt And Make That $$$. Romney Is Just Too Far Up His Behind To Focus On What Really Needs To Be Done. And I Dare A Person To Ask What Has Obama Done For The Past 4 Years. You Idiots, He First Had To Go In And Clean Up/ Repair Crap That BUSH Messed Up. Obama, Fixed The Economy A Bit, Killed Osama, And Did Much Much More. So Stfu

    • Dani


  • Jennifer

    Big Time Rush should be presidents of the USA, they will rock the white house.

  • Toriana

    Romney 4 life

  • Brea