Find Out Who Won Our ‘Divergent’ Four Movie Casting Game!

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re obsessed with all things Divergent! Even though the book-to-movie adaptation isn’t set to debut until March of 2014, there’s still plenty to dish on until then, including DIY merchandise, nearly-confirmed casting choices like Shailene Woodley, and Dauntless makeovers. One of the biggest hot-button topics on our list: Who will play male lead Four (a.k.a. Tobias Eaton)?

Names like The Hunger GamesAlexander Ludwig and Teen Wolf‘s Colton Haynes have been tossed around as possibilities in real life, but since nothing is confirmed, we polled readers on their #1 choice for Tris’ love interest in our latest survival game. The top 2: Dean Geyer and Drew Roy. But who’s the best choice in the eyes of the voters? …

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  • Prerana

    Theo james is so not the tobias i was imagining.. wat wid the author mentioning his bluebeyes alot i was hoping for more :(

  • rjs

    I hate myself for this but I kept picturing him as Tom Hiddleston in his Logi costume for some reason. Then, I had this old drawing of a guy I was supposed to draw and then I was like how about I just finish his hair. Color his eyes blue and his hair black and all this other stuff. I’m good at drawing so that’s why I drew him. I’m upset that it’s theo james they could of possibly chosen someone who was younger.

  • Anonymous

    I wanted Matt Lanter to play Tobias but he matches him too. In my mind while reading the book I kept picturing Matt Lanter though..

  • Me

    Go Dean Geyer

  • Jaeden

    Drew Roy should get the part. He’s EXACTLY how I picture him while reading the book. I’m only just starting Divergent, but he Definitely should get the part.