Did Zayn Malik & Girlfriend Perrie Edwards Adopt a Puppy Together?

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WENN; Inset: Twitter (@LittleMixOffic)

Looks like Niall Horan isn’t the only member of One Direction ready to take a serious relationship plungeZayn Malik and girlfriend Perrie Edwards may’ve adopted a puppy together! Yesterday, on Twitter, Little Mix (the UK girl group Perrie’s a part of) posted:

That didn’t really give too much away, but a short while after, this tweet came through:

P+Z, eh? Can you think of anything else but Perrie + Zayn? Didn’t think so. However, if you need further proof, Zayn retweeted the pictures on his personal account:


If you saw the Wonderland magazine photos, then you know how cute Zayn looks carrying a pup. What do you think the couple should call their new addition? Are you happy they’re moving forward in their relationship? Tell us your honest opinions!

Dear Teen: Niall Horan (Phone) Dates a Fan!

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  • nothing nimy

    zayn and perrie are not cute that should be me but their dog is really cute


    Sooo Cute!!! <3 <3

  • Reemowh

    Zayn can care he is a perfect boy and hey cares of his gf xx

  • Mimi

    I Loooooooooooove you Zayn you are a Perfect ♥ and i think you Can Care.

  • nergiz

    i looove you , zayn.I am your the biggest fan.

  • nergiz

    i love zayn malik. i think zayn can care

  • Hanna.

    Awww i always wanted that puppy :> i bet that puppys like ”ohhh yeah zayn malik is holding me yea you go sexy mannn” lol

  • gerhgkju

    mashalla what a couple

  • gerhgkju

    zayn i can care less about your puppy

    • costena

      you can care

  • claire

    Looks likes Zayn’s hair kinda :)

    • gerhgkju

      i was joking i love puppies
      and it is so cute

  • esmeralda

    that is so cute!!!!!:)