Election Day 2012: Celebrities Tweet to Encourage Fans to Vote

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It’s Election Day 2012! And whether you fall on the side of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, there’s one thing everyone should be doing: voting. (If you’re not 18, our friends at HuffPost Teen say you can still play a part.) Need further convincing? Let celebrities like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Ian Somerhalder help you out…

And then there’s Justin Bieber

Obama or Romney: Who Are Teens Voting For?

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  • Natalia

    i can not believe Obama Won!!!!!!!!! what type of contury is this!!!!

    • Emily

      “Exit polls find that a key to Obama’s victory was winning 93 percent of African-Americans, 71 percent of Hispanics, and 73 percent of Asians.

      Mitt Romney took most of the white vote, which is 72 percent of the electorate.”

    • Obama4President

      Obama won because he deserved to win and is more than a worthy president. All Mitt Romney would do if he were elected would be to encourage sexism and homophobia and make the rich people even richer, giving nothing back to the average community. Here in Britain, people made the mistake of voting for the Conservatives. Never make the same mistake, America. DEMOCRATS FOR LIFE.

  • Emily

    AHAHAHAH okay what Justin Bieber said was pretty funny xD