Louis Tomlinson: Larry Stylinson Shippers “Aren’t Our Real Fans”

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We’ve seen the intense video montages and imaginative fan art, but Louis Tomlinson is telling all One Direction fanatics that he is not okay with the Larry Stylinson comments. In case you’re unfamiliar, Larry Stylinson refers to the fan-concocted relationship between 1D’s Louis and Harry Styles. And while it might seem innocent to poke fun at the two, it’s also, according to Louis, hurtful and untrue.

Louis says to Now, “I think it’s pretty obvious when you see me and Eleanor [Calder] together that it’s real. Think of the amount of time I spend with her. It’s crazy that I even have to say it’s genuine. The truth is, these people aren’t our real fans. That’s the way I like to look at it.”

Considering how Louis met his girlfriend, that should be even more of a Larry Stylinson deterrent. He tells Seventeen, “Eleanor was a friend of Harry’s. He worked with her friend at a local bakery. One day, Harry met up with his friend, Eleanor came, and we met.”

But it’s not all tense news in the world of One Direction, as all the boys are set to perform on The X Factor (USA) come tomorrow night’s live results show. In a statement, Zayn Malik says that “[h]aving come from the UK X Factor, we can’t wait to perform on the U.S. stage ­– it’s going to be a great night!”

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  • Sheila

    I am a mum but i can c the true love in louis and harrys eyes. Fuck off eleanor fucking calder

  • dontgiveafudge

    I really don’t care if he’s gay or not. it’s their personal business and i’ll still love One Direction either way, but don’t hate on their relationships just because of what you want you can ship larry and i sort of do to but still give them the respect you’d want from everyone to

  • Anonymous

    Please stop shooting more Larry Stylinson comments and feed backs at the boys. It ruins them. Try to see it in their shoes. It wouldn’t feel nice now would it? So please just hold your comments to yourselves – be it against the pairing or not. Please give them the respect they deserve.

    • caroline


  • wahbiea

    news flash louis you are gay! harry is gay! and the only thing that is fake here is Eleanor! come out already this is enough of this crap!

    • Paulina

      Look if u wanna help me to prove Eleanor is right please comment on this post to write an article why Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder is true love. To all u so called “Larry shippers” , look my friend is a Larry shipper and I respect her because she respects my opinions about Eleanor but its is frustrating when one talks crap about others. Look to all “Larry” shippers, u have to sometimes not be ignorant and understand whats true and whats not. Larry in certainly not true. As for One Direction, how do you think they feel when taking crap about their girlfriends, and imagine the hurt that the girlfriends past by. Don’t u think that’s enough shit is being talked about because calling one fake, slut, and I wont go further but it wont make you any better or greater neither make your opinions more truthful. Just let two people live happily together and face the fact that Eleanor and Louis truly love each other. I have the facts and the enough evidence to make your so called “Larry” stuff seem like trash. I do know about the whole “Larry” fandom and believe me I’ve read, EVERYTHING. I’ve seen the pics, the so called info, the stories, the tweets, EVERYTHING. One has to open to the truth and fully consider that they don’t really have evidence. Louis has said himself too that he really loves Eleanor and don’t you dare talk back about this because believe me I can make your opinions about “Larry” be plain old nothing. Just face it, Eleanor and Louis are true love.

      • Shauna

        Why do u always put ” over Larry and not “Elounor” ?? Just because u don’t agree with our opinions don’t mean there wrong.

    • malexca dorival

      Would you just shut up? You know how rude it is to question their sexuality like that? Now they are not as close anymore! They cant even sit next to each other without you annoying laary shippers calling them gay! Just leave them alone!!!!!

      • jan

        look dude, its not rude to say that they’re gay, or ‘question their sexuality’. come on youre here and you just assume they’re straight

  • Rebekah Horan

    I always have and always will ship Elounor. The boys are obviously disturbed by it…

  • gabbybernstein

    This is bull

  • deluded fake fan

    i ship larry but i don’t send hate to eleanor. i know my fucking limits and i’m a real fan, so shut up!

  • CrazyMofo!

    This is completely wrong!Larry shipers of course aren’t real Directioners..Real Directioners are that girls who Love One Direction and more love their girlfriends who makes them happy!

    • sophie

      I’m not a larry shipper, but what you just said is not true. Larry shippers are directioners too. Can’t you just accept that? yeah, some larry shippers take it a bit over but there are some larry shippers that don’t send hate to elounor. A directioner is a directioner.

      • Lyrica

        Us Larry shippers are true fans. My god! A true fan aren’t just Elounor shippers. Wow. They’re Larry AND Elounor shippers. A true fan is someone who supports the boys for what they go through not of what we ship. This article is all fake u know.

  • Hmm..

    No one knows how horrible management is sigh. All the little girls only want them for their looks, that’s what sells. It’s the truth. Obviously management is there to keep intact that image of five clean-cut, handsome, straight guys. That’s what gets the the big bucks.

  • Anahi

    First of all most people thst say they “don’t see Larry” or whatever are new fans that haven’t been here since the beginning like most larry shippers. Larry shippers saw how they acted when Eleanor wasn’t around and we’re just the only smart ones that don’t take ALL these things as “oh its just another coincidence”. Because there’s a point where they just aren’t coincedences anymore. And another main reason I ship Larry is because of articles like this. To all those licking his arse, defending him saying this ok: FYI he’ll never you. It is absolutley NOT ok to call someone a fake fan just because they have an opinion (which HARRY AND LOUIS THEMSELVES STARTED, we didn’t come up with Larry on our own, THEY started it.) But like I said, it’s just a belief. And these are teenagers that spend hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours that they can’t even afford on these boys to then be called a fake fan. In my opinion these aren’t his real words, and I HOPE this isn’t him. Because if it is, it means my idol who I’d do anything for has the nerve to call me deluded, a fake fan and a lost cause. Elounor shippers need to look past what the media feeds you and start opening their eyes.

  • Kylie mcmillan

    He shouldn’t have said we werent true fans. Anyone can be a true fan , whether or not they ship *bullship*(see what i did there?) or not.
    I ship Larry Stylinson and if he wants to say that then I guess I’m not a true fan.

  • Paola

    Okay, first off, there isn’t anything bad about shipping Larry, okay?
    As long as you don’t badger the boys and constantly shove (or try to shove) it down their throats.
    Personally, I ship Larry, but I know my limits, okay.
    It’s only SOME annoying ones that don’t get the fudging hint that it’s getting old or what not.
    But in their defense, why is Louis making such a big deal out of it? Harry doesn’t care. And when people ask Liam and Niall about Niam they say it’s true.
    What about the Ziam shippers? Zayn has a girlfriend. Why not make a big deal out of that?
    Point is, if you love the boys and buy their stuff and respect their privacy you’re a real fan. Just as long as you express your Larry feels on tumblr instead of on their Twitter, okay? Can we do that?

  • Giovanna xo


  • JBD

    Louis is right! I’m getting a little po-ed myself from all this bullcrap!! They need to BACK OFF!!!

    • EricaDirectioner

      You’re comment is so silly that I can find no reason to even bother responding more then a couple of sentences. Why do you care so much? Why be so against people who only want to believe in love? Why spread so much hate?

  • Luv Music

    Can’t believe people might consider believing that stuff!
    YOU DON’T KNOW THEM! So don’t talk lies

  • Anzari

    I’m totally with Lou! i don’t really agree with that bromance and stuffs. I wonder why one of my friend is crazy about Larry

  • i

    I agree with louis, though some fans ship larry only as friends, unlike a lot of others…

  • OneDirectionLover

    I agree with Louis! They are not true fans if they act like that. I do not believe in Larry Stylinson. Louis has a girlfriend. Why would he lie about that? Imagine if someone was saying that you were dating your friend but you were dating someone else. I bet you wouldn’t be too happy about it! If you are really a fan, you wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings!

    • Rachel

      I agree with you!

      • fearlesswings

        I seriously hate larry shipers, get over it their not dating thers no larry, get lives.

    • Cassie1D

      If I was being told I was going out with one of my friends, I’d find it funny. None of the other boys make such a huge deal about being shipped together. In fact, they encourage it because they know that the only opinion that matters is their own. I don’t see Zayn calling his fans ‘Bullshitters’ or ‘Fake Fans’ when they say he’s with Liam or any of the other boys. In fact, even Harry has NEVER said anything about the status because he doesn’t let other people’s opinions matter. The main reason people ship Larry is because we see a connection between the two lads that can only be described as loved. Ziam, Zarry, Niam, Ziall, etc… shippers feel the same and they never get the hate that Larry shippers get. Why hate so much on one end of the fandom and not the other? If Louis was truly upset about being shipped as a homosexual, then he would be hating on all his pairings, Zouis, Nouis, and Lilo. Not just Larry. I’ve seen plenty of non-larry shippers make a huge deal about their otp. Why do we not hate on them? Why hate on people who only want to believe in love? Is it because you’re homophobic? Or is it because you’re afraid of getting the hate that Larry shippers get daily because you know you can’t handle it? I feel sorry for you that you have to attack a certain group of fans because of fear of being different..

    • gabby

      I Agree With You Too

  • emm

    I agree Lou….. Personally I’m a huge fan of you guys. All of us die-hard directioners know you are straight.

    • lizza

      *die hard directioners* cringing

    • jan

      god you’re so stupid

  • 1dluvv

    i totally agree with Louis!!!!! the Larry Sylinson comments might seem like just fun and games to us, but 2 Louis and Harry, its hurtful!!!!!!! stop the Larry Stylinson jokes!!!!!!

    • jan

      why would it be hurtful

  • Darrenlyn

    They are completely straight! No need to make up stuff about their glorified bromance.