Quiz: Which Bella Swan Movie Personality Do You Resemble Most?

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The end is coming. On November 16, the final film in one of the most beloved YA franchises will hit theaters: Breaking Dawn — Part 2. But rather than get all weepy, we’d rather reminisce over all of the flicks; particularly their heroine, Bella Swan. Kristen Stewart’s alter ego was the shy, new girl at first. Look at her now — she’s totally kick-ass! Which of her personalities do you take on? Quiz it up!


Quiz: Which Book Heroine Are You Most Like?

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2 Responses to "Quiz: Which Bella Swan Movie Personality Do You Resemble Most?"

  1. Teen.com
    mariah says:

    i am like the very middle

  2. Teen.com
    orvgirl says:

    i am like her in stocking cap pic. so cute shy.

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