Harry Styles Gets MORE New Ink, Plus One Direction’s Next Single Is…

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After showing off two new arms tattoos less than a month ago, you’d think that Harry Styles would be set on the ink front for at least a little while… But no, clearly he wasn’t, as he just debuted some more skin etchings via The X Factor‘s All Access Pass. The caption on Instagram reads, “Because I love you… @harry_styles new ink!” Here’s a picture of the bird chest tattoos:

Instagram (@xfactoraccess)

And that’s not the only fresh One Direction news we have for ya, ’cause according to an ad in Billboard‘s Midweek Newsletter, “Kiss You” is 1D’s next single off Take Me Home! While TMH will be available on November 13, “Kiss You” is scheduled for digital delivery to U.S. radio stations three days later. Listen to a snippet from the track below, then tell us if you think this was a good choice (or if you preferred a different song) for the band’s next single in the comments or on our One Direction message board!

ZOMG, One Direction’s New Shoot is Hot!

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  • lexer

    i think his tattoos make him even more beautiful <3

  • cloe

    luv the tatts Harry<3

  • JBD

    TOO MANY TATTOOS!!! I love Harry(A LOT!) but I’m starting to think he’s obsessed I don’t want him to have any more tattoos. But whatt do I know! Go crazy! Get tats, fall in lakes, even wrestle an alligator!! Go NUTS!!

  • Caroline

    i totally agree with kiss you being the next single 😀 i absolutely love itttttt

  • Vivian

    From what I can tell I’m going to love that song!! Sounds great!! 😀

  • Wendy

    I luv Harry’s new tattoos….:)

  • Wendy

    I think I’m going to like their new song…….it’s catchy :)

  • Moo97

    Omg! Another tat…lol he just recently got new ones… I like the birds but I think he’s starting to get a little obsessed with getting tattoos… :)haha

  • emm

    LUV YOU GUYS!!!! luv the tatts Harry:)

  • lina

    they are AWESOME!