One Direction Look Handsome in Teen Vogue, Reassure They’re ‘Normal’ Guys

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Teen Vogue

The fame One Direction has gained in less than a year would make many people’s heads spin, but the 1D fellas say they’re still just regular blokes. Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are in the pages of Teen Vogue‘s December/January issue (looking quite handsome we might add), and Niall was the one who reassured the mag super stardom has not gone to their heads, saying, “What we do isn’t normal, but we’re normal.”

Harry also echoed that sentiment while talking about their devoted fan base who go to great lengths to get their attention, explaining “Sometimes it’s hard to understand, because we’re just guys. We’re guys who would be at your school, who got this amazing opportunity.” Another thing that’s been hard to comprehend is the venues they’ll play next year while they tour America, as Zayn told the mag, “We’re playing the Staples Center in Los Angeles. One of the first concerts I saw in America was there—Britney Spears—and I remember thinking, ‘This place is massive.'” But obviously, Zayn is ready to take on the challenge, adding, “Now we’re going to be playing there? I can’t wait.”

Teen Vogue

The mag also talked to the boys about ways life hasn’t changed in the last year, to which Liam thought long and hard and replied, “I still put on underwear every day.” Louis spoke about how life has changed, and said “There’s quite a lot of waiting around. So we often find the need to be a little mischievous. Like today, for example, Liam and I managed to get on the roof of [the photo studio], and we were hiding from everyone. We just try to keep ourselves entertained.”

For more, head over to Teen Vogue‘s site!

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  • Dana

    it is one of the most adorable Niall srieots to ever grace these screens, I wanted to re-transcribe the previous quote with the proper emphasis, namely, What do the horses get if they win? , rather than on

  • Sukhveer

    Ciao, senti ha me finalmente il libro e8 aivtraro ma no mi hanno dato la ricevuta dei 5.00€ in pif9 perche8 era andato in giacenza D: come posso contattarli per farmela dare ?? )

  • Ana Beatriz Q. Barrios

    Amazing!!! Teen Vogue choose One Direction to be on the cover!!!! Well done!!!!

  • Francesca

    i luvv them and they are cute plus hott

  • Moo97

    Nice article about them! Kinda interesting too!

    • Iska

      JonasSister number 1-EJ sei grnade!♥ale tvttb!♥kiara e mary vi stimo!♥1D♥miley♥ scrive:sono stati bravissimi!!! cioe8,lo sapevo che sarebbero stati fantastici, ma questa ne e8 la prova!!! cacchio che bravi!!!don’t stop believing in 1D

  • Moo97

    <3 1D lol climbing to the roof,just b careful not to fall, haha :-)

    • Alejandra

      #9, thanks in no small part to the intanst sell-out tour which went on sale last Friday. Meanwhile, What Makes You Beautiful’ clocks its 18th consecutive week in our ARIA Top 20. In terms of radio presence,a0’One

  • lina

    love those guys. i’ve seen ’em on icarly. they rocked!!!!

    • Andrey

      JustinIsMyFirstAndMyLastIdol_*-* scrive:Oddio che norveso selena Ti garbano eh gli 1D?? Bhe8 appena hai visto che Justin veniva condiderato 1 po’ di meno corri da loro e lo lasci xde..MA VATTENE A FANCULO. MI FAI PENA. JUSTIN e8 LA PERSONA MIGLIORE CHE TU POTESSI AVERE MA LA FAMA X TE VALE DI PIf9. VAI DA LORO VAI,MA RESTACI

  • OneDirectionLover

    They are sooo HOTTTTT! I love you guys so much! They have changed so much in two years. I just watched their first auditions and they have changed a lot since then!

    • Ziyoda

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  • Magicarp

    Of course they’re normal. They are in no way particularly talented singers, songwriters or musicians, or in any way notable for any distinct other feature. Their 15 minutes of fame won’t last long.

    • Don’t Be A Hater, Player

      Listen, MagiCRAP (yeah, I went there), go hate somewhere else.
      First off: They have co-written several [amazing] songs on Up All Night: Taken, Everything About You, and Same Mistakes. Niall plays the guitar, and Liam and Louis play the piano. They all have amazing voices in my humble opinion – and I realise so is yours, but honestly I don’t care. When people go around saying things like that on blogs and articals for fans, it only brings others down.
      One Direction are trying to be humble, and are refreshingly different from the “Average Joe” in the celebrity world, and that’s why I love them. That’s why girls love them; Why they’re NOTABLE.
      And honestly, the quicker their fames gets over the better: Because then I can go steal them and keep them for myself!!